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  3. And then you have this gem: Found this one from the year I was born (a bit earlier than I was born as a November baby)
  4. As a Communication/ business major who has taken a handful of marketing classes I'd say Cedar Fair appeals to the current market very well. If you have any questions DM me and I'll be happy to help you!
  5. I think you underestimate enthusiasts. One user on here (mostly inactive these days) has previously referred to Vortex as his girlfriend, and that's just one example.
  6. Yes. Most of this that's already been posted on TPR i've just copied over........sorry bout that
  7. Did you mean Lightning Run? Thunder Run cannot run with more than one train due to the lack of a transfer track.
  8. So back in July of 2016 I decided to go to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time. well here's what i thought: Good things about my visit: - Park looks really clean and tidy and really upkept - The two newest coasters where running GREAT, and T3 and Thunder Run where running good to, but T3 was a little painful. Bad things: -Poor quality of service overall throughout the park, especially to keep lines moving as quick as possible -Every coaster (except Thunder Run) was one train operation...... -STORM CHASER DID NOT OPEN TILL 3/4 INTO TE DAY :cry: My thoughts on the coasters -Storm Chaser: HOLY POOP this ride is insane! (insane is an UNDERSTATEMENT), Love the ejector airtime and everything. Although I have only rode one RMC, im falling in love with them Even though the ride didn't open till 3/4 into the day, and was one train operation, I'm pretty sure i waited for the front seat for 2 cycles. LOVED IT. -Lightning Run: Basically the same thing i said about Storm Chaser can be said here, although i waited 30 minutes for a ride on this.................. BUT loved the ejector airtime and outer banked turns. -Thunder Run: GREAT woodie for this park, I felt it was running really smooth and fast paced. -T3: Great layout but not a fun ride as i felt alot of rattle and jerkiness, but then again, this was my first SLC ever. -Roller Skater: Amazing coaster to start little kids off on. My time was limited, and i was going to go around and take more pictures and shoot some more offride footage of Storm chaser and Thudner run, but while in the waterpark, some @$$ hole decided " hey this green bag looks nice" and walked off with it, and we spent a good two hours looking for it. Thankfully and would like to praise the park's security staff, our bag was found with nothing missing out of it, and I retrieved my phone and camera. ALSO, i did tackle the Tallest body slide in north america and it was NERVE RACKING. Anyways enough blabbing heres some offride footage and pictures! (Camera has okay quality for videos)
  9. I haven't seen this commercial in years! I love it! I hope someone will turn up the Adventure Express commercial from the same year. I remember it vividly and was terrified to ride the coaster for the first time after marketing really sold the theme in that early tv spot.
  10. I honestly would like to see another launch coaster by either Intamin or Mack at KI rather than a giga, we need a more unique launch and it would fill a gap in the lineup with unique, fast inversions like Maverick, Blue Fire, or a new Extreme Spinning coaster like what Silver Dollar City is getting in 2018, or a new Big Dipper would be great like what Walibi Holland received for 2016. https://rcdb.com/12315.htm https://rcdb.com/4074.htm https://rcdb.com/11048.htm
  11. I'd prefer a Sierra Sidewinder type ride over the traditional Wild Mouse
  12. Tell that to Swan Lake and the canoes where The Beast currently sits. Rivertown seemed quite wet to me.
  13. Development plans aside, this area is too stinking hot to draw huge summer tourist crowds. Families travel in the Summer and Summer temperatures in Casa Grande average well over 100 degrees starting at the end of May through September. Mmmm yes I would like to take my family vacation to the Desert in August when its 108 degrees and go walk around a theme park. There is a reason this market remains untapped and underdeveloped when it comes to large Amusement/Theme Parks - it is too stinking hot during prime Summer travel months.
  14. Horribly designed parking lot? The entrance is right in the middle of the lot of the regular park. Or do you mean the directions you have to drive to get in? I can think of many worse parking lots than KIs lol
  15. I will trek over from my house for smoked meats! Even if the general population doesn't go over there for meats, during the time it is open Soak City has plenty of customers. On a side-note, during the times Soak City isn't open, it be nice if you could just park over there to get entrance to the park and avoid some of the horribly designed parking lot.
  16. There are mouses that actually have fair capacities surprisingly though. Mack's Wild Maus coasters are a little over 1100 pph capacity.. Not amazing, but not bad. Twice as good as Flying Ace Aerial Chase
  17. I think a spinning wild mouse along the lines of Cobra's Curse or something could be a lot of fun. The only problem I see with it is the capacity issue that a wild mouse has. BLSC has a low enough capacity adn it can hold 12 people per train, so going to one that only hold 4 or 8 would be horrendous. So that would be my only hesitation on getting one.
  18. The original seller of these first sold them at the Burlington Antique Show a few years back. He has LOTS if them circa 2014 (+/-). Reaching out to them might help in seeing if the original seller still has any. https://www.facebook.com/burlingtonantiqueshow/?fref=ts
  19. A random thing I remember from this ride was that during DOT (it may have changed during other incarnations), the seat cushion was velcrod on to the seat, so after each ride, you could peel it off and find a small pile of loose change. The 16 year old me love "making money" by checking this after each ride.
  20. Ryan, thank you for all that you have done to make KIC as successful as it is and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll be successful in whatever you do! Hope to see you on here from time to time and at the park as well! -Hoeter
  21. Another note, I noticed that the Lock-out fence on the bottom of the first-drop there. That means we're also getting closer to having the ride opened up.
  22. Another pic posted today.
  23. I turned Thumbor on, which proxies external forum images through the KICentral.com server. If anyone has problems with images in posts, let me know. The benefit of this is that all images load over HTTPS and are automatically shrunk to an appropriate size if necessary. There's also the advantage of being able to cache images, so threads don't lose their images if an image host goes down. EDIT: I turned it off for now, as there was a bug. I'll try it again later once a fix or workaround is found.
  24. When I brought up Cedar Fair's previous projects I didn't really think to use these for my advertisement. But I think that would be a really cool way of going about it. I would probably only use Kings Island's projects such as Firehawk, Diamondback, and Banshee. What was the main marketing scheme for Firehawk and Diamondback. I vaguely remember Diamondback because that was right about when I got interested in the industry, but the relocation of Firehawk was definitely before my time. I would appreciate input in regards to how these coasters were marketed and what presence management thought each would bring to the park. What I mean by presence is that I feel every roller coaster has a personality. (I am not personifying inanimate objects. A lot of people would think I'm insane but as fellow roller coaster enthusiasts I think you know what I mean.)
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  26. Gigas are harder to come by than wild mouses though...
  27. That is one neat log ride. Never been to Knots Berry before.
  28. If the weather stays like it has been, they might be a bit ahead of schedule in opening the park. MT construction should be finishing up quickly as well.
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