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    This, unfortunately, has been a long time coming. It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I am moving on from KICentral effective immediately. Over the past 14 years, I have seen this web site grow from a second place fan site to a media powerhouse. We crashed through the glass ceiling of being just a "fan site" and because a legitimate source of Kings Island and amusement industry news. Although I am grateful for the professional experience that I have gotten from this site, I am more grateful for the friendships that I have forged over the years with many of you. This goes from Dane, my former business partner and one of my best friends of 14 years, all the way to the many of you that I met as recently as this past season. Many times this KICentral Universe that you guys formed felt like family and these forums felt like home. We are a Universe of thousands upon thousands of people. We are all different ages, different races, and of different backgrounds. We are all only united under one unified banner: a love for Kings Island. Through all the ups and downs, I still feel like Kings Island is a great park and is run by even better people. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to create memories. Why am I stepping aside? Unfortunately due to a constraint in my personal time the growth of my own personal business I simply can not serve as an asset to the team any longer. Recently we appointed two new staff members: malem and IndyGuy4KI - which is a decision that has worked out fantastically. Their ambition and passion for the site has breathed a new light into the forums and as a result of this it became the perfect opportunity to pass the torch. Thank you for taking to time to read this, and thank you for a wonderful 14 years! Ryan aka BoddaH1994
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    A total of 811 bents were stood to construct The Beast.
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    There will not be a train tour this year at Coasterstock. There will be a behind the scenes photo opportunity of the train tied in with Diamondback. We've added lights on tours of Haunt mazes during the event.
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    Why hello... it's been a while since I've been on here. Almost four years. But I recently acquired something cool in terms of Kings Island history and have been wanting to share it. So, quick history lesson: In the early 1970s ABC aired The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie on Saturday mornings. The series consisted of hour-long specials produced by Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, Paramount Television, and others. The twelfth episode aired on November 25, 1972 and was named The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park. It featured the stars of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (a variety program that aired from 1968-1970) and was partially filmed at Kings Island during the park's inaugural season. The episode mixed Hanna-Barbera's classic animation style with the live-action segments shot at the park. The story focused on the Banana Splits touring a young girl named Susie (played by 11-year-old Michele Tobin) around the park. Susie is tricked by an evil witch and lured into a cartoon billboard, leaving the Splits to follow her into the animated world. The majority of the story takes place in the animated world, but the beginning and end take place within Kings Island. Despite the episode's popularity, I do not believe that it has ever been released on DVD, streaming, etc. It's occasionally aired on Boomerang, albeit very infrequently. I had never seen it, but after some extensive online searching I was able to find a copy for sale from a random CD shop. The legitimacy of the DVD is questionable at best... it was clearly recorded off of Boomerang at some point. But without any other methods to obtain the film, I ended-up purchasing it. With DVD in hand, I watched the full 60 minutes. I honestly only cared for the six-and-a-half minutes shot at Kings Island though, which is what I figure a lot of KIC users are interested in tool, so after my initial viewing I edited the video down to feature only the material shot at the park. I also cut gifs out of scenes that depicted points of interest within the park, like defunct rides or unique views. So, without further ado, I wanted to share the video and gifs below. I've also included some commentary and fun facts for the gifs. And quick note - I wasn't alive yet during the 70's, so all information is from what I've read, watched, etc. If something seems wrong, please let me know. Enjoy. To start, Winsome Witch's Cauldron (also identified at different points on park maps as Winsome Witch's Caldron, Winnie Witch's Cauldron, Witches Caldrons, and Witch's Cauldrons). The tea-cup style flat ride opened with the park and was themed to Winsome Witch, a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that appeared in the 1960s. There were 18 cauldrons split between three small and one large turntable. Note the pastel colors - the ride opened with yellow, blue, and red cauldrons. This paint scheme only lasted two seasons before the ride vehicles were painted black with orange flames in 1974. Winsome Witch's Cauldron last operated in 1991. It was replaced by a small Zamperla-built swings ride, today known as Charlie Brown's Wind-Up, in 1992. Following the ride's removal from the park, several of the cauldrons found a new home elsewhere: one is now a photo spot at Jungle Jim's store in Eastgate, another is featured in the Dent Schoolhouse haunted house in Cincinnati. Here we have the Banana Splits trying to find park guests to tour around the park. Note the station for Enchanted Voyage in the background - the ride was manufactured by Arrow Development and loaded guests into small boats outside the building. Once on board, guests would then float into the show building and through several Hanna-Barbera worlds. When the ride was transformed into Smurf's Enchanted Voyage in 1984, the canvas tent structure over the station was replaced with a more permanent wooden one. That structure remains today and is now part of the station for Great Pumpkin Coaster. Bavarian Beetle was a compact steel roller coaster in Oktoberfest. It was manufactured by Italian company S.D.C. and had a previous life as Galaxi at Cincinnati's Coney Island. The coaster stood 45-feet tall, stretched 800-feet, and was adorned with lighted archways and spires. Bavarian Beetle's history is a little iffy... the ride is still depicted on the 1978 park map, but a photo from that August shows that the coaster had already been replaced by Ferris Wheel. The ride may have operated for part of the season, or it could have been like Cedar Point's Wildcat in 2012, where the coaster was expected to operated but was quietly removed just before opening instead. It's almost absurd how many different stages and entertainment venues Kings Island has had. This here is a short-lived one in Coney Island. It wasn't there opening day but was present by July and appeared to have some musical act. The stage's last year was 1974. It was replaced by the first incarnation of the park's Floral Thermometer in 1975 when Coney Island was expanded, and that space today is a grassy area next to Zephyr. Beautiful view of International Street from Sky Ride. Royal Fountain was advertised as the world's largest animated fountain at opening and was created by Fountain Specialist Co. of Milford, Ohio. Also note the park's entrance building does not yet have International Restaurant... that wasn't added until 1973. Susie should really stay on the pathways... But this shot really shows Coney Island and its neatly-pruned ginkgo trees. 35 of them were relocated from Cincinnati's Coney Island and they required pruning six times annually to maintain their distinct shape. It's a little hard to see, but on the left you can just make out the building for Dodgem and Cuddle Up. Both rides were also relocated from Cincinnati's Coney Island. The building remains today and is used for the Attitudes gift shop and Sorority House Haunt maze, but both attractions are long gone. Some claim that the current incarnation of Dodgem is the same as the original, but it features a different ride area, different cars, different shape... you could have a whole philosophical debate over what makes a ride "new", but I don't think it makes sense to say our current Dodgem is original to the park. I've been trying to figure out when this was all shot at the park. At some point, the archway in the back had The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera added to it. But that wasn't until at least July. This, plus the stage from earlier, shows that the park was still adding all those finishing touches through-out its first season. You can't argue that International Street didn't look like a street... but look at that total lack of shade and all the asphalt. A lot of enthusiasts were amazed when Disney introduced its "talking" characters a few years back, with mouths that could move. But Kings Island was doing it long before then Also check-out Winsome Witch, flying around her tree in the background. The old plant tunnel. It had 100 London-plain trees bowed over its pipe framework. The structure remained in some form through the end of 2006, then was removed for Nickelodeon Universe's addition in 2006. I like that the park is attempting to bring it back in White Water Canyon's queue line. Few things to comment on... First, those lights on the top of Monster. They were removed around 2005 I think, but I could be off. Second, Monster in general... I've heard before that our current Monster is not the original ride. The original version opened at Cincinnati's Coney Island in 1968 and was relocated at park opening for 1972. There's an interesting photo from 1981 that shows Monster's ride platform empty though. Rumor is that ours was replaced the following year and the original version was sent to Canada's Wonderland in time for its 1981 opening. If true, it's ironic that CW's version of the ride, named The Fury, was removed after 2003 and it was sent to our park to use as spare parts for Monster. It's worth noting that the park has claimed that the current ride is the original though. Third, check out Dodgem's sign in the background. It, and the out-of-frame sign for Cuddle Up, both came from Cincinnati's Coney Island. At the old park they were housed in the same building as the Whip, but that ride was unfortunately never relocated to Kings Island. Racer is one of my favorite rides at the park today, but man I would have loved to have ridden it in 1972. No head rests, no seat belts, no seat divides, just a buzz bar... plus the final airtime hill was still in place (interestingly that was removed a year apart for the North and South sides... North's during the 1995/96 off-season, South's the 1996/97 one. Two things in this shot. First, the trains only have four cars each. A fifth car wasn't added until 1973. Also, red train racing red train. From 1972 through 2007 both tracks had a red and a blue train. The rides were only assigned specific colors in 2008. I should've ended this gif a bit before the zoom... sorry for how obnoxious that is. Anyhow, Der Spinnen Keggers on the left. The ride was similar to Winsome Witch's Cauldron, only the platform tilted upwards during the ride. The vehicles were also initially covered, but at some point between 1981 and 1987 the tops were removed. Anyone know what year that happened? On the right, Kings Island Theatre (at times spelled Theater). It was built by Bird-Air Structures, Inc. from Buffalo, New York for $250,000 and could seat 1,100 guests. It played host to "Something New!!" its opening year. After the 1974 season the park experienced a heavy snow storm and the theater collapsed. It was replaced with a similar one in 1975, albeit with a blue covering instead of red. The floral clock has been a staple of Kings Island since 1972, but it has not always been behind Eiffel Tower. It was originally to the right of it, where International Showplace is today. It was relocated when that amphitheater was built in 1977. Flying Scooters, later renamed Flying Eagles, in its original spot. The ride was relocated to the back of the area in 1986, then again to Paramount's Carowinds in 2005. The ride originally opened at Cincinnati's Coney Island and was apparently relocated at least once while it was there too. In this shot, notice how the door is open on the side. The current Woodstock Gliders also has a door in its center console, but I would assume it's kept shut when the ride is operating. Scooby-Doo, later renamed The Beastie, later renamed Fairly Odd Coaster, and now Woodstock Express. It's probably been through just as many paint jobs as it has been through names. I love the oversized Scooby-Doo cut-out and didn't know it was ever a thing until I watched this. Also, you can just make out the coaster's last dip before the brake run. I don't know when it was removed, but I would guess sometime in the late 1990s. Anyone know? See that stroller at the bottom? The park still has some of these older ones, now re-purposed to help ride operators carry water coolers to their rides in the morning. At the end you can just make out the train blowing steam from its sides. The engines can still do this and indeed do for special events. I highly doubt you'd ever see costumed characters, like Snoopy or Charlie Brown, riding a coaster today. And that shot through the tracks? I also doubt that'd be permitted. The whole ride is encircled by a giant fence and anything within it is lock-out. Kings Island Theatre again. Some more facts: it was 137-feet long, 87-feet wide, and 40-feet high. It was avinyl structure and was supported entirely by air pressure. Last shot... Tumble Bug was a standard tumble bug attraction manufactured by Traver Engineering of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. It had a diameter of approximately 100 feet, featured five large tubs, and was the park's oldest ride at opening. It originally opened at Cincinnati's Coney Island in 1925. It last operated in 1985 and was replaced by Skylab the following year. I've heard that it was sent to Kennywood to use for parts on their similar attraction, but I don't know the validity of that statement. Today the space is occupied by Coca-Cola Marketplace. So that's that... some pretty cool shots of the park its opening year, and hopefully you learned a thing or two about its history. Again, please let me know if you think any of the facts are wrong or if you have extra info to add. Hope you enjoyed.
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    Want to be among the first riders on Mystic Timbers? Here's your chance!
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    My interview was great! I was in a group interview with one other applicant with whom I worked together on the few activities throughout. They were fun! We were both hired! Savannah (the other applicant and my new co-worker) chose to work on the Drop Tower/Bat crew, and I chose...WindSeeker/Vortex! I'll be working my first job on Vortex's 30th anniversary crew!!
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    Well well well... https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/834132541674242048?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
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    That is one mean twist heading into the tunnel.
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    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C3x_ZNtW8AAYeRm.jpg:large Photo from Kings Island twitter page.
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    Hello... only been about four years since I last posted... I don't think I ever posted a thread here on AE's design, but I did contact R&R Design years ago and spoke with the company's president, Rick Bastrup. He was kind enough to send me some incredible concept-art of the ride... Here's an incredibly-small picture of the Monorail crossing Adventure Express' track, from R&R's website... And here's an overview, circa 1993, of that... (source unknown)
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    Well, the last bent was lifted in place today!
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    I work in graphic design creating advertisements and e-mail campaigns for a local business. I know a lot of the trouble I run into is the complete lack of comprehension of what good design is or what it looks like. I can create 20 different graphics where I've wracked my brain and tried to push the design creatively, only to get feedback from my boss saying, "I don't like any of these." Usually what they end up picking is something simple and generic and it makes me question why I spend so much time trying to be creative. In instances like this, it's possible that the "higher ups" just have no vision for good design or creativity, and that leaves their trained graphic artists to produce generic looking stuff like this. I can tell you from experience, this is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on the job and it makes you want to bash your head into your desk, get up, and walk out of that office forever. For the graphic designers in those scenarios, I truly sympathize.
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    Passed by ki in an afternoon rendezvous. Really nice seeing it pop out at ya! (Taken in the passenger seat of a car driving on Kings Island drive)
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    This isn't an outstanding example, but it IS an example of a wooden coaster with on-board lights: (Source: forums.planetcoaster.com) National Amusement Devices was a major player in the pre-KI amusement industry. Their Century Flyer trains (pictured above) were capable of having up to three lamps installed in the first car: the two shown in the picture, and a third in place of that red circle in the middle. Century Flyers used to be everywhere, but now (to my knowledge) only exist on three coasters today: Thunderbolt at Kennywood, Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, and Big Dipper at Camden Park (which I believe is the ride pictured above.) Lil' Dipper at Camden is (again, to my knowledge) the only coaster out there with NAD's kid-sized version of Century Flyers. I've read before somewhere (I've forgotten the source--it's been years) that the jostles and jolts of wooden coasters would knock something out of place in the lamps and destroy them. I've gotten the impression that many parks would, over time, remove them and provide some kind of non-technical placeholder that was easier/cheaper to maintain. Until very recently, all three trains on Kennywood's Thunderbolt looked something like this: (Source: Negative-G) In 2014, Penn State's Theme Park Engineering group made a proposal to restore the headlamps on Thunderbolt using LEDs. (Here's a link with a short write-up.) When Thunderbolt opened for 2014, the two headlamps on the red train were updated, but the green and blue trains remained the same. Here's what the new headlamps looked like: (Source: Kennywood Connection) Unfortunately, I don't know that the restoration ever continued beyond that point--or even that the red train's lights ever were functional. I've never witnessed them working myself, and I've never read any reports that they were operational. I've also never heard whether or not the blue or green trains were completed--I don't think I've been to Kennywood in the summer since 2014. Whether this is due to the lamps not functioning or due to them not being a priority for Kennywood at the moment, I'm not sure. So yes... lights on a wooden coaster have been done before. Kinda. I just don't get the impression that it's ever worked particularly well.
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    So I was at my grandmothers house today cleaning out her belongings. She passed in Dec at 96 yr old. I was going through one of the bedrooms and found my favorite book from when I was growing up. Almost as if my grandmother left it there for me. The book is is pristine. Never read. So glad I have this in my collection now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have learned the shed will contain Aztec type animatronics, banging on large drums, while their leader attempts to dump boiling lava on your head. Should be saweeeeet
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    Got it, thanks for clarifying. :-) I wish I had been more attentive to the park details in the 80's-very early 90's. If only I could rewind time and revisit those years and write down or photograph the subtle, and not so subtle changes at the park (which I started doing around 1996.) Little things like "When did they tear down queue building #3 on Beast" or "For how many seasons did KI have The Vortex "tracks" through Coney Mall" or "When did the German Toy Store close" etc continue to elude me. Back in the 1970's and 80s, there was interest in the park, but it cannot hold a candle to today's microscopic analysis of all things KI. Back then, you either read in the paper or park brochure (or saw a commercial) what was new at KI, then you begged your parents to take you to the park sometime during the season (if you were really lucky, you got to go MORE than once!) and you spent most of that visit running around trying to ride as much as possible - while shrugging off some of the changes. (I.E. "Hmmm... I think there was water running out of this chute last year when I was in line for Beast... Oh Well.") But with the advent of the web, KI-watching took on a life of it's own and the media blitz that followed forever changed how we keep up with those changes. To be honest, I have to give a shout out to people like Don... or my friend Roger who went to Coney Island as a kid - then Kings Island when it opened (and is still going today.) They were ahead of their time because they DID take note of those things - and saw the significance of the changes that occurred in those early years. Most of what I know about those early years is based off of their having witnessed them. I guess that's partly why I created my little page. I really want those that have a love of KI today to see how rich a past the park has had. With so many mega parks today, its really hard to recognize that KI was always a top tier park... and it's very existence is *essentially* a result of an act of Mother Nature.
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    So i searched up #WhatsInTheShed on Twitter and found these posted yesterday! All I have to say is WOW! Source (Photo credit to @Gooberwiper on Twitter)
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    GOT THE JOB!!! Sales Associate.... everyone in my group interview was hired.... They said they were impressed with my deep knowledge of KI things such as FunPix, etc. and everything about KI and thought I would be great in Sales... WOOOOOOOTWOOOOOT.
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    Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C3sGHiWUoAcnf58.jpg Mystic Timbers Looks Amazing. I keep on getting more excited cause the photos keep on looking better. About 70 more days left until opening day. Can't WAIT!!!!
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    On Saturday, Jan. 28th electricsun, Malem, pianoman, Chugh43, jcgoble3, and myself meet at Donatos in Grove City, OH for Dinner around 5 PM. Everyone got their fair share of Pizza and we chatted for about an hour. Selfie with everyone after some good pizza! I think Malem intentionally does not look at the camera? Off to AMF bowling alley where we were able to get a lane pretty quickly for cosmic bowling. (Lights off with black lights on) We played 2 games and had a lot of fun. Malem is actually a good bowler! electricsun trying to concentrate to get that spare! Only pianoman is paying attention for the selfie... After blowing a whistle I got everyone to smile. Look Malem can smile! Chris debating to use the child ramp (in pink) to send his ball down the lane. Bad decision, should have used the ramp... electricsun wondering where these kids came from? Goble and Chris have an addiction problem. Time for the Steve Jobs Clinic? Looks like electricsun is about to give pianoman a stern chat. Look malem can walk slow(ish) #Wheresgoble? Back to the malem we see at the park! Cute couple! #KICrelationship End of the first game, yes we did use our screen names on the board. Chris beat me, unhappy IndyGuy4KI Chris is to happy about that win. Goble decides he will play in the second game! Me trying to beat my score of the last game.. Not so much! A fun night of bowling for this crew! After Bowling we decided to hit up Dairy Queen for some tasty treats and chat before going home, We ended up closing the place down and left around 10:15 PM. Selfie at DQ Deep discussion! Out in the parking lot with Malem in his shorts and T-Shirt we talked about another meetup in another week or so. Detail to come!! Hope you enjoyed the PTR of a KIC meetup.
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    Hi all! Some of you know me, many probably don't because I dont post like I did in year past. Let's just say KI and I go waaaaaaaay back. I have had a love affair with KI since I first heard about The Beast in 1979 and since I first attended in 1981 when the (original) Bat was new! Well, I have managed to keep tabs on the park for decades now. I was an avid coaster enthusiast for years, but my passion found it's birth in my early visits to KI. Throughout all my years of visiting the park, I collected souvenirs, collectibles, and other physical things. However I also amassed a lot of pictures (including rare, behind the scenes construction pictures), brochures, park maps, media kits, Press Releases etc. After years and years of sitting on a 4-drawer filing cabinet full of them, I finally decided I was being selfish by not sharing. So that's exactly what I am doing. I have created a FB page called "Sit on It." (It's a play on a slogan taken from a sign that used to hang in The Beast, and Racer stations. I loved the sign and always said if I were to create a site dedicated to my love of KI, that's what I'd call it!) So... I'd like to invite all of you to visit @SitOnItKI on FB. It's a work in progress... and I've only just begun to upload the hundreds of pictures, videos etc that I have dating back to Kings Islands opening years. All I ask is that you help me by giving credit to the page if you re-use one of my pictures, that will help promote it. Also, I welcome your nostalgic pictures and posts as well. I hope this isnt breaking any KICentral rules - I would have loved to contribute them - but frankly there's so many. My intent is to celebrate the wonderful park Kings Island has always been by looking back at it's past... and it's future! https://www.facebook.com/SitonItKI
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    Good shot of construction happening around the turn area.
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    I can smell the airtime now. That hill looks like more of a speedbump, but just imagine the forces we're gonna get flying over that thing...
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    I'm currently the same age as this girl. As a Male the chances of this happening to me is a little less but still possible. Kids my age seriously need to watch out, This is one of the reasons to this day I still don't use social media. It's a good thing but people need to watch the way the use it. I just think it isn't worth meeting anyone online.(Unless they're a KICentral member you know & trust :)) but back to a serious note. At least do a little research and if you do decide to see the person IRL, Go with a few friends or meet in a VERY public area where if the person decides to do anything stupid people we able to see you, And you can yell for attention.
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    I'll put it this way- they are pretty much anti-straight track between the lift and brake run. The entire track will be littered with pops of air, slight laterals, and very sudden forces you won't see coming because GCI is very subtle about adding them in. I call it elements within elements. What you think is a simple banked curve may have a unexpected pop of air in the middle. The pacing is very fast paced, you won't catch your breath until the ride ends. A reason Millennium Flyers are more comfortable than PTC's or any multi-bench cars is due to each row being its own car (an articulated design as the industry calls it). Each row of wheels can independently steer so there's not as much shimmying and thus they track better. GCI isn't afraid to take advantage of that, and you'll see transitions that are much more aggressive than a lot of other wooden coasters. They age quite well and are comfortable despite those more aggressive lines. I don't think the renderings will do it a justice (that 2nd hill in the computer rendering is way more stretched out that how GCI normally shapes their hills, but the actual construction does reflect that). I do wish they would have squeezed in a station fly-through as that was unexpectedly slick on Thunderhead, but regardless, this will be a great ride. I've ridden HP's Wildcat, Lightning Racer, and Thunderhead. I rode the later 2 both early in their existence and about a decade after they were built and they ran very good each time. Wildcat is a different story as it was GCI's first coaster and designed with PTC's (MF's didn't come until 1999, Wildcat was in 1996) and I am of the opinion it was better with the PTC's. All 3 are near the top of my favorite woodies list.
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    Your in for quite a pleasant suprise. Every GCI I've been on (American Thunder, Lightning Racer, Roar SFA, Thunderhead, Wildcat Hershey) has been a top 20 worthy, or atleast EXTREMELY reridably wooden experience. I literally spend hours at a time every time I go to Dollywood JUST marathoning Thunderhead alone. Needless to say, I have some pretty high hopes for our newest addition...GCI is easily my favorite wood company (not counting RMC because RMC is life)
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    Let's get back on topic. I sure hope the MT tunnels are as dark and fun as The Beast tunnels. I hope it is total blackout. And intense ride. I have never been on a GCI, so at this point don't know what to expect besides others experiences.
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    A new Instagram pic of MT. Sounds like trains will be on soon.
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    Today is a really nice day in Louisville. There's only a slight chill in the air, but the sun is out and makes me look forward to the looming spring (my favorite time of year.) We were lucky this year and, knock wood, didn't have a really snowy/icy/bitter cold winter. it had it's moments, but overall it could be a lot worse. Why am I bringing this up? Because every year I marvel at the workers that labor in rain, sleet, snow, cold, hail, ice, wind, freezing temps etc all to build something we'll enjoy in much more pleasurable weather. Year after year the construction crews that assemble the new attractions at KI must face some pretty difficult elements. I hope this season, as each of us ride Mystic Timbers, we take a moment to think about those that braved the elements to help make magic for us. I know I certainly appreciate their hard work!
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    New photo of Mystic Timbers which includes a new angle of the final turn (which I am low-key looking forward to).
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    looks like CPFoodBlog posted a nice picture to! https://www.instagram.com/p/BQX1WiKl8U3/?taken-by=cpfoodblog&hl=en (c) CPFoodblog
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    Look at it the way I look at going to KI/CP by having a season pass I don't feel like I have to do everything on one visit because I know I'll be back soon. When you do that, you don't have to worry about getting every single thing you want to do done....the biggest thing is be flexible.
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    When you think about it, it is remarkable that the theming on Flight of Fear has stood up as well as it has. The ride is 21 years old this year!
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    I think it's the storage shed or the "shed" as it crosses the train tracks. The actual shed is on the same side of the train tracks as the station. Edit yes, The place you circled is just before the shed. The real shed is being covered as I type this out: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349
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    I don't know if anyone has said this before, but I'm glad that Mystic Timbers is utilizing the lake by WWC. I always thought it was kind of a hidden gem.
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    Got the call after passing yet another Temps test... they asked me a few questions... Interview... tommorow at 2:00! Very surprised and delighted!!!! WISH ME LUCK! I HOPE I GET THE JOB!
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    An alternative to TBs could be worse, gotta have that trademark flag. On a serious note, i feel like each park should embrace a unique logo for each park with another way of connecting the designs together
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    Its not just Cedar Fair. Several restaurant chains have also reimagined their logos recently. O`Charleys, Olive Garden, Wendy`s all have opted for more simplified versions of their logos. In almost all instances, I preferred the original logo to the new ones. They just seem so plain and boring.
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    i wonder if the park will add in more retro elements this year, for the 45th anniversary? Last year I saw some retro logos (on the clock and somewhere else, I can't remember.) I'd like to see the chain diversify and let the parks develop some identities of their own while taking advantage of synergies of scale. But this is coming from someone who has only been to KI, Cwinds, KD and CP--and CP felt the least corporate to me! As for retro things I'd LOVE to see make a return: make International Street more international again with music, paint and food. Bring back hints of themed areas (music in Rivertown and Coney Mall.) Use more of the 1973 logo in the park. Paint claws/fists etc in the pavement to direct people to major attractions. More complex things: Make Octoberfest again. Bring back Les Taxis, retheme the train and redesign the entry plaza to reflect the original layout. Not wanting much, am I?
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    I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
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    Did anyone of you ride FOF this season? Mid season until closing day it flew through the MCBR hardly stopping. But what do I know