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    It's as aggressive and smooth as voyage within the first year or so of retraking [emoji14] But not as fatiguing
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    I love to marathon Thunderhead as well. It is almost always a walk on after opening. The thrill seekers at Dollywood don't realize what a gem that ride is. I would agree that it is agressive but it is a fun aggressive like Beast when it is at its best.
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    Depends on the options they give you if your hired on. Like it's stated above usually if your hired on and ready to work when they have on ride training days, newbies are usually last to get trained. I remember last year at the log flume, when we had our training day (freezing day to be running a log ride honestly), returners such as my self and about 2 other people where quickly retrained and signed off then the people from other rides, then the newbies. I guess it honestly depends on placement and crew number.
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    Yes, Fast Lane is available on opening day. Yes, Fast Lane could be used on Banshee on its opening day. Yes, Fast Lane was ABused on Banshee on its opening day by some people who got half a dozen or more shirts out of it, then turned around and sold the extras on eBay for $50 apiece, making back the money they spent on the Fast Lane pass and then some at the expense of people who waited in the multi-hour line only to just barely miss out on a shirt because of these ***holes. I really hope the same does not happen with Mystic Timbers on opening day this year.
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    ^ Definitely e-mail the park about that; I'm sure they'd like feedback on a11y issues. It may or may not be via a printable calendar, but there should be a way to see hours on a particular day without matching color keys, especially since such a way exited before. This would also affect people browsing with screen readers & other non-graphical browsers. EDIT: upon closer inspection, the hours are available in an accessible format for browsers that can't display the graphical version. There's no easy way to see this in a regular web browser without using accessibility tools, so I'd still suggest e-mailing them. Here's what the hours look like in links:
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    Just got my paycheck tonight and used half of it.... Purchased my ticket! 3 pm Beast Tour WOOOO.... This will be other than National Rollercoaster Day my first real enthusiast event... Cant wait.....! Will probably arrive on Friday afternoon afterschool for check in....
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    I got the job! I'm on the Mystic Timbers crew. You'll have a new co-worker Drummermat, I interviewed with a girl who really wanted to work RFYLCB and she got the job as well.
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    https://www.cedarpoint.com/ A refreshed logo as well.
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    They will by no means force you, IF you are not comfortable doing it then they will not put you on that position. Honestly you can easily get into it, I believe it took me a month or so? (Before our Microphone broke.) but I was okay with it after about a month, and became a natural. It usually just comes to you. Study the ride your at, and you can name off some facts from the top of your head quickly without any cards.
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    Before HWN, there was Stark Raven Mad.
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    Your in for quite a pleasant suprise. Every GCI I've been on (American Thunder, Lightning Racer, Roar SFA, Thunderhead, Wildcat Hershey) has been a top 20 worthy, or atleast EXTREMELY reridably wooden experience. I literally spend hours at a time every time I go to Dollywood JUST marathoning Thunderhead alone. Needless to say, I have some pretty high hopes for our newest addition...GCI is easily my favorite wood company (not counting RMC because RMC is life)
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    Let's get back on topic. I sure hope the MT tunnels are as dark and fun as The Beast tunnels. I hope it is total blackout. And intense ride. I have never been on a GCI, so at this point don't know what to expect besides others experiences.
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    Responsive layouts for the win. People are browsing the web on many devices, so it's great to see Cedar Fair catching up with the times on that front. I am surprised to see the old Cedar Point logo go away in favor of the standard Cedar Fair logo text. The previous logo survived several rounds of standardization between the parks.
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    My interview was great! I was in a group interview with one other applicant with whom I worked together on the few activities throughout. They were fun! We were both hired! Savannah (the other applicant and my new co-worker) chose to work on the Drop Tower/Bat crew, and I chose...WindSeeker/Vortex! I'll be working my first job on Vortex's 30th anniversary crew!!
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    I guess maybe we CAN expect a passholder preview night
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    **off topic** Sitting in my science class, (we watch our professer thru a video link) and my professer excused himself for a minutes... and that was 20 minutes ago... so now i'm sitting here reading the boards lol P.S. he's okay, our TA told us his department head needed to talk to him lol Update lol: he never came back lol
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    Part of the reason I think KI doesn't do the event is that KI isn't as secretive as Cedar Point. They don't play the teasing games as CP does. Would I attend? As long as the price was good, a date that worked and they didn't cap the amount of tickets for each tour so low.
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    Since there a ton of posts about gigas on other threads, I decided to create a central topic just dedicated to the speculation of the giga coaster that most coaster enthusiasts believe we are going to get in the future. What we know: Cedar Fair has added 3 gigas to its parks since 2010 Each giga installed is taller than the last Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park without one What we can speculate: The conception of the coaster itself B&M is a likely candidate The old S.O.B station might be used ^If not in Action Zone then it could be put in X-Base^ Possibly a green color since KI has no coasters that color Like I said, this is just a speculation thread. "The more you know, the better you can speculate for what's ahead"
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    I haven't seen it either, maybe he was mistaken by the WinterFest 2017 events, that's completely different from the regular entertainment line-up for this year.
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    It will probably be like FunPix, only for the C & K Parks.
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    I applied and have an interview scheduled for the 4th! To be entirely honest I'm actually really excited!
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    Don't expect it to be right away. They generally retrain ride returners first, followed by rides returners and then new crew. Depending on how many are on your crew that need trained for that it could be a month or more before hand. You also have to pass all of your levels prior to being drive trained. I think it was 16. I never paid attention since I worked at the park when I was not a minor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've had this thought for a while but I didn't want to share it because I didn't think anyone would see it the same way... Bravo! Basically whatever newer coaster Cedar Point has, that's the coaster we're least likely to get. Launched for 2027 Wing for 2033 Dive for 2036
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    As far a timing, I think it's pretty clear we're looking at 2020. Think about it.... Magnum XL-200 built in 1989 +20 years = Diamondback in 2009 Raptor built in 1994 + 20 years = Banshee in 2014 Millennium Force in 2000 + 20 years = Giga in 2020 That's called logic boys and girls
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    I'm in the "unlikely to use SOB's station or to even be in Action Zone" camp. It's just too crowded and congested already. If Invertigo and Congo Falls were gone, then maybe it would be located on that side of Action Zone but space there seems tight with the parking lot and Timberwolf. My most likely spots are at the end of Coney Mall in the DA/old Flight Commander vicinity, as part of some sort of X-base expansion, or *gulp* as a Vortex replacement (ordered by likeliness).
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    Sadly, I can't forsee an RMC anytime in the future (and I was team RMC for Mystic Timbers.) The fact is that with the addition of our 2017 coaster, our wood lineup is a record-holding legend in Beast, an EXTREMELY iconic classic in Racer, and now a (hopefully) amazing GCI in Mystic Timbers. It would be awesome and I always want more RMC everywhere, but with KK, Dollywood, and the obvious Mean Streak conversion only a few hours away in any direction, not sure if they'd be willing to install another so close to their own competition. An Intamin Blitz would be great though, even with Maverick so close by its still pretty unique and within the same chain, so following my RMC logic it's still perfectly acceptable. I was crossing my fingers for one back when they cleared out the lake for Diamondback...would've been a perfect fit for that area. Also, I refuse to let Vortex go anywhere any time soon. I don't care about how old it gets, or that it's harder to get parts etc now, Vortex is my baby and I must protect it. Anyways, back on topic. I'd love to see them reuse the station for SoB since it already has a decent sized queu for an area otherwise only used as a Haunt. I could see it turning out of station and head towards the X Base area, where they have plenty of room for expansion (and possibly a low to the ground finale interacting with The Bat/Banshee/Express area.) As for manufacturer, as a HUGE fan of Intimidator 305 (fave steel) and a lesser extent Millenium Force (its neat, but overshadowed by the park's amazing lineup), I would love an Intamin, but I understand company issues forcing it be B&M (still havent ridden either of those gigas to compare to the Intamin duo)
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    Maybe that is the goal of Eye of the Storm? I'd agree more flats in the SC "midway" would balance out that section of the park. And if it's true that the fair board was going to offer the land that has the auto body repair shops and salvage yards currently, that would open up a whole swath that would connect SC to the amphitheater and the other 20-30 acres. But I think the park could be ready for another coaster in '19. Coasters drive attendance and flats and other attractions sustain in non coaster addition years. On a different note, I think the park needs to strengthen it's entertainment offerings. The sea lion show is great, and the high school talent shows are nice, but more is needed. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    If anything, I think they should be developing more non-coaster attractions towards Storm Chaser as well as expanding the water park and then maybe add a coaster once you have a healthier amount of midway traffic going on. Storm Chaser is nice, but its so far out of the way from the next nearest attractions (at least Mt Thunderbird at HW has more than the coaster at the end of its even longer, hillier path from the rest of the park) and I think some easier rides around what is a very intense coaster would be wise.
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    Yeah bud, I did several times. It was awesome, but at the same time it was crazy that I was in control of a multi-million dollar machine. I absolutely loved it. It's pretty in depth and it can be scary at times as you think of how many people you are accountable for. If you do work there, once you are 18 you have the ability to be trained for controls. Once you do, it's pretty awesome. B&M coasters are pretty awesome and easy to control. You just have to know your stuff.
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    Since there's a lot of time between now and the event, this is probably a good place to mention that you can re-print tickets from Kings Island's website if you misplace or destroy them. Just open the ticket store & use the menu at the top to find Order Lookup.
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    I think Kentucky Kingdom needs a standard looping coaster, and B&M would be able to pull it off. A floorless, standard or wing could work, but I think they need a good looper like KI has Vortex and SDC has Wildfire. Yes, I know some could count Storm Chaser as the looping coaster, but I'm talking in a more traditional sense of a looping coaster.
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    I'd rather wait longer to get off a ride than have to deal with a mid-course break-run.
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    The shed would not limit the capacity. They would never design a ride at KI around a theming element like that. Likely the idea of the Shed came up when they decided to run 3 trains without a MCBR. They are adding something to the ride instead of you sitting there waiting for the next train to dispatch.
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    Millennium Flyer trains are much more comfy. The restraints are easier to deal with I think. Timberliner trains are interesting to say the least. The restraints are kind of awkward, you feel more forced into your seat with them IMO. They come at you from the side of the train. I think they are less comfy. PS.....may wanna update your signature
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    Don just posted this on his Twitter account!
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    Well, it was also a one time thing. It's not like we did it for 8 years and abruptly stopped. Also, for those who were there, we had to split the event over two weekends because it snowed the day of the event and they couldn't let us walk the park.
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    I think Kings Island should have an off-season tour like Cedar Point's Winter Chill Out. I'm actually surprised this hasn't spread over to other parks in the chain. It's a highly successful event at Cedar Point. It sold out in less than a week this year. And best of all, the proceeds go to a good cause. At CP's event you get to go on behind the scenes tours, take a look at the shops and see the work going on and a presentation from park staff with some surprise announcements. Would you attend such an event if it were offered at Kings Island? Even though I'm 4 hours away, I certainly would even though I would likely have to get a hotel in the area depending on what time of the day it was. That being said, I hope to be able to check out Winterfest next year.
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    Today there are officially fewer days left until opening (83) than there have been since closing day (84). We're halfway through the off season! It's all downhill from here!
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    Towards the end of last season, The Bat sign went temporarily missing (and was replaced by a smaller printed corrugated plastic version) but came back. I wouldn't read too much into it temporarily being gone. If anything, they are probably repainting the station but will return the sign.
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    I'll third that then. Having ridden all 4, I'll say T-Bird is just an overall fun and reridable ride, just like Gatekeeper. I think Bird just gets the edge though for its placement and the launch being pretty refreshing, but Gatekeeper is one of those rides I can just reride for a while when entering or leaving CP. As for the other 2, Wild Eagle looks nice but those restraints were so uncomfortable I literally left the Banshee announcement as soon as I saw they would be featured on our invert...so glad they fixed those, but with Eagle could get the upgrade. Sameish for X-Flight, but it was an okay ride I guess...wasn't blown away or overly impressed, but it was enjoyable.
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    Someone from the Rides Department contacted me today hoping to set up an interview!!! I can barely contain my excitement!!! Interview tips, anyone?
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    The KIC Winter Blues event, was an event that was organized by KIC, and not the park. I was one of the featured speakers of the event, discussing the history of Coney Island.
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    They used to have something called KIC Winter Blues Event when Diamondback was constructed, don't know why they stopped it. I think since KI didn't have any new projects planned and Don is constantly on social media about park updates and winter projects that the group outing was not something the park was considering having anymore. Maybe if enough people showed and paid for charity group outing they may reconsider starting it again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its plenty tall enough, look at the carpenter on what we will.. for the purposes of this photo/demonstration...call the "2nd level". Those studs are representative of a room that would have a standard 8 to 9 foot ceiling, and the carpenters on the "3rd level" are standing next to studs/columns that are representative of a 12+ foot ceiling. Not to mention, that level is very likely going to be open ceiling like The Beast station, and Im going to venture to say that is going to be loading platform level. The distance, and the man in the reflective coat are throwing the scale off in regards to visual perspective.
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    Yes, that idea might not be so Farfetch'd!
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    2005.... 2011...2012...2013...2014...2015...2016....2017 All of those years I visited the park at least once.
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    I've crossed the 20 season threshold within the last few years, but I don't have an exact number. At least 15 were with a season pass.