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  1. other than KI and working the log flume indeed it was! Ill have more to post later on from Kentucky Kingdom, Cedar Point and KI'S Last Day.
  2. By far the theming was amazing! Everest and Rockin' Roller Coaster where great and by far my favorites at Walt Disney World! Anyways If I may keep going with my wacky trips of 2016! So after coming home from an exhausting Florida Trip, the very next day where do I go?.................... Holiday World! So what are my thoughts on their coasters and water coasters? -Thunderbird: HOLY poop. why doesn't B&M make more launched coasters (well with their own launches....) I loved this ride and its easily in my top ten overall. All the foot-choppers with the supports around the two turn around's really got me though. Although our first ride wait was "long" since they only had one train operation we made do with it since the park wasn't packed. -Voyage: EASILY my number wooden coaster, and this ride was the one i was waiting the most for. I can now see why this park has the top 5 wooden coasters in the world. LOVED the 90 degree banked turns (and i was the only one yelling 90 DEGREES), and airtime after airtime after airtime. -Legend: The re-tracked sections where really smooth and i loved the tunnels, and especially the wolf howling at us. Although they were one train operation to the line was under 10 minutes, and easily got a ride in the front. Great ride but one side note: Holiday World, bank some turns please " -Raven: The oldest coaster at the park and we could tell, Almost reminded me of a mini version of The Beast. Great ride! -Mammoth: NEVER, and i mean NEVER did i ever expect to get air on a water coaster. This is by far the best Water coaster I've ever rode (even though I've only rode four). Also loved how they had the single rider lines for Mammoth and Wildebeest. -Wildebeest: The same thing can be said down here about Wildebeest as I said for Mammoth, HOLY AIRTIME. Loved these rides. If Kings Island ever gets a water coaster, take notes of Holiday World's
  3. Hi Guys! I would like to share some of my trips to parks (Many for the first time) in 2016! So starting things off is...............Walt Disney World, Memorial Day Weekend, 2016 Basically for this trip I had already graduated High School but was aloud to go with the chemistry club on the trip to Florida! Stops included Walt Disney World with unlimited hopper, Kennedy Space Center and Wakewa Springs! My thoughts on the coasters: -Rockin' Roller Coaster feat. Aerosmith : Boy oh boy this was one i was waiting for. Ever since I started listening to Aerosmith, and saw that this ride was actually a thing I wanted to go on it. AND it blew my expectations of a Vekoma launched coaster out of the water! I rode this the first time in the middle of the train and I didn't find it rough at all! With all the black lighting, Aerosmith music blasting, and the neon signs all lit made this better than Flight of Fear and um...............Space Mountain (Just kidding). -Expedition Everest: Adventure Express's younger more thilling brother. This ride kicked @$$. Rode in the back (No one told me they had a single rider line so i waited 75 minutes.....) anyways this and Rockin Roller Coaster was the most thrilling at the park. The fact that this had switch-tracks, pitch black, yetis that looked like they could grab you and a cool themed qeuve line, this was a good addition to the Animal Kingdom. -primeval whirl - Not my first wild spinning mouse, but my first one with a compact layout like this. This was fun, the sharp turns, the spinning, the theming, everything was good about this ride. -Big Thunder Mountain: The theming was great! (Isn't everything at Disney though?). Honestly felt like this is your average mine train that you would see at a lot of parks. The cars on the train took me by surprise though! No seat dividers, and a buzz bar (I believe thats what its called)! Found it just a little jerky but not rough. -Space Mountain: EXTREMELY better than the Flight of Fear clones at KI! All the lights, and the placements of them were just intense! It's a long walk to the station though. Found this a tad bit jerky and rough but I can understand since its old. Still a great ride! -Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Another winner at the park! The queue line is AMAZING! Although I know the cars are supposed to swing, they didn't swing that much for me. But still an amazing ride, no roughness, no jerkiness, and I'm still singing "High Ho!" -Barnstormer: Nothing really to say about this because it's like your average Roller skater, good ride to start kids on! Anyways I'll stop yapping and let the pictures do the talking! (Kinda regret not filming for my YouTube channel when i went)
  4. With trains arriving soon that must mean transfer tracks almost done?
  5. Looks like the Watertower for the Train has some nice new rails! #Themingforrivertown
  6. Check Ebay! I found a first rider button for The King Cobra and The Beast on there as well as some buttons from Cedar Point (Mean Streak, Mantis, Maverick and a Magnum 10th Anniversary button as well)!!!
  7. So wait. does anyone think or know about the future of the pay water soakers at WWC and if they will still be there?
  8. Honestly, some cool ride audio and queue audio are what Timbers needs but threes one other ride right next to Timbers that needs some new audio. The train.
  9. Oh don If your reading these suggestions for theming (im sure you are)........................................ Please make it happen. Construction should be finished soon honestly as this week its supposed to be like 60-70 degrees and they could get ALOT done since it wont be freezing out. Personally I would like to see some kind of noise before you drop, but then again I think that would take away from Banshee.
  10. So I guess the station will be enclosed a little bit?
  11. do you know how fast lockers would sell out lmao
  12. Now im all for no bins especially at Dback, Timbers and Banshee................but how soon do you think we'll Cedar Point south and lockers will be a must.
  13. Dont think so since the hashtag says #HomeForTheHolidays . My guess is something for Winterfest.
  14. Click on the photo that I posted and it should take you to the account.
  15. Not Timbers construction related but does anyone know where in the park this is located? It looks like Banshee area but thats all I can guess (My bad i had just saw this on my second account CoasterMatt Productions and as curious)