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  1. And lets not forget (completely not related to Mystic Timbers theme perse), but log flumes originated because lumber companies would cut trees down and float them down to the mill in chutes of water.
  2. The park has since posted another image stating "Time to Slide." So we have "Time to Splash", "Time to Ride" and "Time to Slide" The announcement is this Thursday, March 2. Stay tuned...
  3. And it should be noted, that the date on the Water Works clip is incorrect. It says it is from 1988. Water Works opened in 1989. Amazon Falls, now Congo Falls, opened in 1988. Still a cool commercial clip though.
  4. Fascinating. Thanks, as always for sharing!
  5. And it should be pointed out National Amusement Devices was based in Dayton, Ohio.
  6. Thanks for posting that TombraiderTy!
  7. Topic bump. They posted on their FB page today "Its time to ride."
  8. Never been to the park before. I was close when I went to Waldameer and then proceeded onto Niagara Falls and Canada`s Wonderland. Hopefully they can make it and be around for several more years so I can get back out that way.
  9. I actually have a copy of that very book. It is sad to see the park after all the rides had been moved to Kings Island, standing just like a ghost town. Fortunately the park is still running today. Although it would be nice for the park to add another wooden coaster someday.
  10. But back then, the stage was a lot further out in the Festhaus seating area. I wonder if they still have the ice making equipment (chiller, etc) at the Festhaus. I believe that the equipment is still there at the Kings Island Theater. I personally am hoping that Santa`s Toy Factory returns to the Kings Island Theater. That show was held at the original Winterfest, the re-instated on in 2005, and I believe that they had a very similar show (although with a different name) at California`s Great America for Winterfest this past year.
  11. Well technically, they rebranded the pool area last year as Sunlite Adventure. (Which features Sunlite Pool, Twister water slide, Typhoon Tower, and Pipeline Plunge). Calakapepe, don`t look for a RMC. Remember that it says a splash is coming...
  12. It`s time to Splash. A Special Announcement coming March 2nd. Special Announcement Details
  13. I think the theming for Banshee is pretty well executed. It just doesn`t quite gel with the rest of the non-existant theme of the Action Zone. Like Shaggy said, I think the theme of Rivertown is being greatly enhanced by the addition of Mystic Timbers. Even the new funnel cake building that was built last year has emphasized the theme. Coney Mall could use some "new" classic flat rides to breath some life into that area. With the exception of Windseeker, the last new flat ride installed in Coney Mall was Zephyr and the current Dodgems (Flight Commander was installed in 1990, but only lasted about five years) and they were installed in 1986.
  14. Wow. This is quite the thread bump! Nearly fifteen years since the last post, lol. That would be nice to have two sets of flyers. I don`t think that will happen though. It would be nice to get some classic flat rides added in Coney Mall though.
  15. Thanks for sharing Don! Just out of curiosity, how many bents are there on each side of The Racer?