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  1. Nice man, Great ti hear you got the job
  2. Personally, I would do multiple rides on Racer. On some weekdays It's practically a walk on. It's overall a pretty fun ride that everyone can enjoy.
  3. I think another reason that Cedar Fair is trying to stay away from Intamin is because when I-305 came out it received lots of complaints about being too intense. When you think about the Park's main focus are on the GP because they bring more cash. More people like the B&M(I do too) so I think as long as they do well Cedar Fair will keep on going to them for rides.
  4. This probably my favorite part of the ride, It just looks too good. It looks like an Intense banked S-bend into the turnaround. Only 50 more days guys!
  5. I remember when looking up info of The Beast I saw this old school commercial, I Loved the voice of the dude on the commercial, He made the ride seem more mysterious and creepy. Sometimes for some reason, I act like I'm a voice actor for Kings Island. I do his voice and I'm like "Come and ride The Beast at Kings Island. The video is from fenikowiski.
  6. Yea the fog in all southern Ohio is crazy. I looked out the window this morning and it was crazy how thick the fog was.
  7. I'm Neutral with everything. Vortex is a good ride but If it goes away I won't be mad. KI should keep it as long as possible but once it does get removed I will be ok with it. Though I would want it to get replaced by a good ride in honor of Vortex
  8. This ride just looks too good. It looks Beast is starting to have some competition for the best wooden coaster at KI. The ride is already great but I guess the shed will be the icing on the cake.
  9. I'm neutral. Vortex is a good ride and I like it a lot. Though if KI says the will remove it tomorrow I won't be sad about it at all. Personally, I want it to stay as long as possible but once it does get removed I won't be mad. (thought if it does I want them to build a good coaster their in honor for Vortex.
  10. Two Amazing pictures of Mystic Timbers.
  11. Yeah, I learned that people here are really attached to the coasters at KI.
  12. Haha. I learned that the hard way. With my post of RMC Adventure Express, That was my first post on this site.
  13. Imo Voyage is the more Intense ride but Beast is the more fun ride at the end of the day. That's what wins a ride over for me. While Intensity is nice, I think a ride is better if it is more fun.
  14. Mystic Timbers continues to look better. Cant wait for April to come.
  15. I understand your name know! At first, I was confused on what chugh43 means. Then I clicked on the link to the fundraiser page and saw Chris Hughes. Then I realized that you username unabbreviated. My main point is that some people on this website have "weird" usernames, but when you find out the meaning behind them it makes sense! Also, I pronounce your name Chug 43. (for ex. Dan was chugging the soda down) Is that right are do you pronounce it a different way.