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  1. I would rather see them raise the prices on ticket/season pass and just include the lockers for free.
  2. Best of luck to you!
  3. It depends if we take our then 4 year old or not. If we don't I think I will head to Flight of Fear first since I like the ride but I hating waiting in line for it. I wont hit Mystic Timbers until mid afternoon once the opening rush dies down some.
  4. Bring back Hanna Barbara Land please!
  5. Once our 2nd bundle of joy gets here in July my wife and I are thinking of taking the kiddos on Disney Alaskan Cruise next May. I was just wondering if anyone here has even been on one if they are worth the money.
  6. If your going to spend millions and millions of dollars why would you not just build a $45,000 glorified deck instead of reusing a old one?
  7. Is the meal plan valid during winter fest?
  8. I think walking back in the mud and in a construction site would be a huge liability for the park.
  9. Been there every year I have been alive expect 2017 of course! 29 years. Crazy to see how much the park has grown and even shrink durning those times.
  10. I regret not ride the antique cars more. As a young kid around 12 I just wasn't interested that much in them. Now as an adult I really miss them and the atmosphere they provided.
  11. Well outside of all the great times I have had there with friends and family I would say I just love to look at all the engineering in the park.
  12. I have never ridden one these rides but they dont look very fun to me.
  13. The Beast isn't The Racer. If/When The Racer goes would have nothing to do with if/when The Beast would get removed.
  14. What about finish removing the rest of the black top even though there is very little.
  15. Hopefully never. With a wooden coaster they are always building it replacing old wood. These rides are classics and still bring alot of guest into the park. In short I think they will stay until the park things they are losing money by keeping them open.