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  1. Did the camper place go out of business?? Every building is torn down? Not great, my opinion.. but great for students opportunity... Still think lots of park space...
  2. Wow, the end of the greatest show.
  3. Cool name cool story
  4. 17 ?? Anything yet at coney
  5. Maybe carowinds and knotts can come up with an iconic new tower
  6. Let's hope for return of dark rides as well.
  7. Under paramount I think they were thinking a Adams family ride. Wish I still could find all the survey for future rides.
  8. Hopefully Coney makes some money as well, and they can use it for new n improvements to the park..
  9. Thinking about the Action Zone bring renamed and all rethemed at ki would rock...maybe we are phantom theatre added.. Love demon drop
  10. The aquarium also is in dangeresponse. So sad for the area...
  11. Rip to America's mom florence Henderson The mom to the Brady kids.