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  1. A water coaster? hmm Maybe a big water slide with tubes? Time to ride implies not a body slide. They keep saying BIG so I assume it's not for the kiddies this time around
  2. One thing seems for certain. Whoever crafted this story.. or at least gave the initial premise that grew to what's "in the shed", is truly an out-of-the-box thinker.
  3. Though if you buy a souvenir cup outside the free refills plan, wouldnt it make sense to allow someone with the paper cup plan to scan and refill WITH their separately purchased cup?
  4. We'll have to just enjoy 2017 first and see what happens. Which ever park gets a new coaster sans Mean Streak RMC (and I believe there will be one besides that) I think will be very telling on what cedair fair is willing to do
  5. It sounds more like the time of day is pertinent in what is showed. So its probably not a cycle per train.. which I think is good so that you have zero chance of 5 rides in the a month and only getting one of the shows.. unless you choose or are unable to get to the park in the day and the night. I think the shed will help finish off the story... but I'm still confused. 1- in daylight 2- at night 3- just to truly understand the shed? But when would you need to ride? Will you leave the shed the first time through with more questions than you came with? Will answers only make sense after that third ride?
  6. Yea I too remember don saying you'll need to ride in the daytime and nightime.. All it did was make me think the bottom of the shed wouldnt be enclosed... but why that matters in the effects they use? Im not sure.. Maybe... idk. Haha
  7. Smoke? 10:54am Feb 25th - I don't think it was anything bad. Just interesting. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349
  8. I think KI needs a giga [emoji14] as the next high thrill coaster addition. The other parks that got B&M hypers close to the time of Diamondback now have gigas.. one park even got a giga without ever having a hyper [emoji14] KI is missing out on that now that we have an inverting full circuit hanging coaster and finnally getting a modern woodie.. the only other things that arent rare could be... a beyond vertical drop coaster?
  9. It can fit if you put the station closer to International Showplace. And it doesn't have to be put in the exact location of BLSC. It's a trade not a replacement
  10. Thi3teen from Alton Towers traded with Backlot Stunt Track...
  11. It's really hard to tell because everything is in focus and the cables line up with the stump.. but I think it looks like the cables are behind the stump, and the stump is just in the foreground. I doubt it's simply the cables after the bent was erected, now hanging, not connected to a small lifting machine since all the bents were completed awhile ago
  12. We were talking about woodies~ /\ From KingsIslandPR snapchat I womder why those red marks are there.. i feel like ot was some accidental drawing and... I have no idea why there's cable hanging off of two of the ledgers in this shot, weird.
  13. Ooooh, thanks ok but, I would still say row 1 and 2 for that car is indistinguishable to me
  14. I dont understand the specific distinction of 7-1. I never noticed a diffefence between 7-2 7-3 or 7-4.. the 7th car in general is great for me