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  1. If the weather stays like it has been, they might be a bit ahead of schedule in opening the park. MT construction should be finishing up quickly as well.
  2. Personally, I find the lack of a wild mouse a bigger hole in the line up than a giga.
  3. Well, the entire ride film was lifted from the movie. Just sayin'.
  4. There are things I want to suggest to employees- - Allow yourself to leave work and not ride things before you leave. While it is nice to have that option, it can wear you out more than you think if you make it a common practice. - don't rely too much on Oscar's (or whatever it's called now) for your food options during breaks. - keep hydrated, especially if you're working an outdoor job, pace yourself appropriately in order to be productive within your physical and mental limitations, be patient with yourself in reaching that point - this should be a no-brainer for members here, but be informed on the park and on goings (promotions, special events, etc; especially within your department), know how to give directions from any one point in the park to another - listen to guests carefully, be mindful of details and don't be afraid to go to your bosses if you can't handle a situation - be prepared for the unexpected, be observant
  5. I'm going to have to refer to this thread when I go to KI to keep track of who among us is working where.
  6. Photography purposes as in taking photos of the slides and wave pools for a coaster fan site I used to work at. The weird part was the feeling of being overdressed.
  7. I hope KI's next steel coaster is anything but red. The last 3 steel coasters were some shade of red. C'mon KI, expand your color pallet.
  8. I've gone to Soak City purely for photography purposes fully clothed. It takes some getting used to, but I got over feeling weird about it eventually, especially for good food.
  9. Also, the big clearing created recently around Millennium Force where Rip Cord is going should be a good indicator of what CF thinks of Intamin right now.
  10. There's 0 evidence that Intamin has really changed all that much. They've openly said that safety problems on coasters are an 'acceptable' part of the industry while B&M objectively has more consistent products in the way they handle their designing. Intamin's most dominate market right now is Asia and what they have built since the American market has all but abandoned them is all too similar to what has been built and has proven problematic in someway. When's the last time a B&M coaster has snapped a lift/launch cable? Or has had major track design overhauls? Or hasn't opened on time? On I-305 and Millennium Force vs Leviathan and Fury 325, I've heard mostly mixed reviews on the 2 Intamin rides while I've heard much more consistently good reviews of the B&M creations. Everything B&M has built along side that (the B&M hypers, Banshee) have also been wildly successful ventures for Cedar Fair. Why should they stop? Say what you want about your opinion on B&M's forcefulness or lack thereof, but the GP clamors over them. The ROI has worked in favor for CF. Also, Mack has pretty much caught up to Intamin in providing nearly every kind of coaster type Intamin offers and also has a better track record which has really boosted Mack in the European market. That's not to say Intamin isn't still selling in the Western markets (just see a few of Busch Gardens' and Sea Worlds' recent purchases), but Intamin just doesn't have the leverage it used to have. If you're really that down about Intamin not selling well in the US market, blame Intamin for not innovating or proving they can meet the standards that the B&M's and Mack's of the world have set.
  11. I can kind of see this working out. Arizona and Phoenix is an untapped market with no real competition nearby in terms of amusement parks, though, being in the middle of a desert isn't so attractive. I am also concerned about how this will affect water consumption in the area if they're going to create a lot of green spaces.
  12. The Skyline foot long coneys were sold at the former funnel cake stand in Rivertown which is now MT's entrance. And now I want Putz's.
  13. malem, goble and the usual meet up co- I do believe we have a challenge. I wonder which tunnel is the easiest to hold a conversation in.
  14. Firehawk- Definitely near the bottom of the re-ride list. It regularly has, at minimum, a 45 minute wait even on weekdays, its a slow loading procedure due to the seating style and is probably the most downtime prone ride in the park. Based on the actual ride, I probably wouldn't do more than 2 or 3, though, the very front and very back are awesome. Vortex- I've marathoned this plenty of times and its capacity is pretty good, probably top 5 in the park. I'm a fan of it, though, this is a pretty polarized ride though, some people really like it, others don't. If you like Arrow loopers, its a pretty good marathon ride. The back is probably the best place to sit though. Banshee- I love B&M inverted coasters and they do blast through lines pretty good. Banshee is by far the most intense of the B&M inverts I've ridden and I can't really do more than 3-4 on it in a row, but it certainly fits the bill for re-ridability. Drop Tower- I never really had the want to re-ride it. I'll hop on it once if I'm in the area and I don't get more than 2 or 3 rides during the day, but it mows through lines pretty well on weekdays. If you like vertical freefall, go for it. Delirium- malem can attest to the fact that I am often willing to go on Coney flat marathons, and Delirium is my favorite flat ride at the park currently. It does get a pretty long line though, and even though it seats 50 per cycle, its a fairly long ride cycle. I'm kind of inspired to try it this year now that I've given it some thought. Slingshot and Skyflyer- I don't have not want to fork out the money to marathon them and there are far better rides with similar concepts to do so for free (Delirium, Viking Fury, Drop Tower, Flight of Fear, Backlot, Diamondback). Others- Bat is incredibly re-ridable if you don't mind a bit of a walk around through the queue. Diamondback fits all the things Banshee does and is less intense and includes great airtime to set up for good reridability. Racer is decent in reridability though on the rough side. I like to marathon it in the evening and then head to Vortex, Diamondback and Beast to end my day if I'm not thinking of a Banshee night ride. Beast, despite its length, is good for re-rides (Beast night and rain marathons are amazing if you can pull them off). Timbers should be really good on re-rides (speaking from my own experience with a few GCI's). I've never found the need to do AE re-rides, and Invertigo is terrible for re-rides with the positive g's and the slight head banging it has. Backlot is too mediocre and low on capacity to do re-rides for me. Flight of Fear is pretty fun to re-ride early in the day. Most of the flats are pretty fun to re-ride, though, good luck with Scrambler, Monster and SR&R. Hot days are quite conducive for Congo Falls, WWC and RFYLCB marathons.
  15. Yeah, all those extra couplings between cars and wheel sets are pretty loud on Millennium Flyers. GCI's may be many things, but quiet sure ain't one of them.