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  1. Great trip report with some awesome photos! We actually were in the same group, coincidentally. It really was a wonderful event!
  2. This isn't an outstanding example, but it IS an example of a wooden coaster with on-board lights: (Source: forums.planetcoaster.com) National Amusement Devices was a major player in the pre-KI amusement industry. Their Century Flyer trains (pictured above) were capable of having up to three lamps installed in the first car: the two shown in the picture, and a third in place of that red circle in the middle. Century Flyers used to be everywhere, but now (to my knowledge) only exist on three coasters today: Thunderbolt at Kennywood, Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park, and Big Dipper at Camden Park (which I believe is the ride pictured above.) Lil' Dipper at Camden is (again, to my knowledge) the only coaster out there with NAD's kid-sized version of Century Flyers. I've read before somewhere (I've forgotten the source--it's been years) that the jostles and jolts of wooden coasters would knock something out of place in the lamps and destroy them. I've gotten the impression that many parks would, over time, remove them and provide some kind of non-technical placeholder that was easier/cheaper to maintain. Until very recently, all three trains on Kennywood's Thunderbolt looked something like this: (Source: Negative-G) In 2014, Penn State's Theme Park Engineering group made a proposal to restore the headlamps on Thunderbolt using LEDs. (Here's a link with a short write-up.) When Thunderbolt opened for 2014, the two headlamps on the red train were updated, but the green and blue trains remained the same. Here's what the new headlamps looked like: (Source: Kennywood Connection) Unfortunately, I don't know that the restoration ever continued beyond that point--or even that the red train's lights ever were functional. I've never witnessed them working myself, and I've never read any reports that they were operational. I've also never heard whether or not the blue or green trains were completed--I don't think I've been to Kennywood in the summer since 2014. Whether this is due to the lamps not functioning or due to them not being a priority for Kennywood at the moment, I'm not sure. So yes... lights on a wooden coaster have been done before. Kinda. I just don't get the impression that it's ever worked particularly well.
  3. That's what I mean--rather than playing the standard pop music that gets played throughout the park in MT's queue, play the dramatic instrumental music from the announcement or the tracks that SonofBaconator suggested. Makes Mystic Timbers more of an experience from queue to exit ramp!
  4. I really hope they can keep the improvement trend going! That's great, and it's exciting that they managed to turn a profit for the first time in a while. CLP really could be a charming park if it had the money to keep going.
  5. Or even the audio tracks they played at the announcement! There was something really unique and engaging about the intense drumbeats and mystical chimes combined with chainsaws and shouts of "timber!" It's thematically appropriate, it helps tell the story, and it makes standing in the queue that much more engaging. I'd really, really love it if they'd do that. If you're going to go to the bother of theming a ride at all, why not use audio tracks you've already got prepared to make the experience that much more magical? But again, that's me. I'd rather have an immersive experience than listen to the same pop tunes I could hear outside the park. For me, that drives repeat visits and encourages me to invite more people to the park with me and [insert other things from Cedar Fair's Q4 financials that they are aiming to improve]. (But seriously, I might actually WANT to invite more people I know to join in a themed experience than just another roller coaster. But I'm sure I'm in the minority, and CF obviously knows their audiences better than I do.) A side note... Don, if you're reading this: if you aren't going to use the music from Mystic Timbers's announcement for anything for the ride, would you mind posting a tracklist here? It really made an impression on me, and I'd love to purchase the songs from iTunes or Google if possible.
  6. ^ To be fair: when it's actually functioning and turned on, that's exactly the kind of sound that plays on Adventure Express's first lift hill. I think bkroz mentioned a while back, shortly before or after Mystic Timbers was announced, that the glowing green lights shown in KI's scrolling banner on their website at the time would look nice in the trees lining the lift hill. I'd agree with that. Here's the image I'm talking about: Source: KI's website; image hosted by ThemeParkTourist.com. It adds a new level of mysticism to the ride AND makes for a new reason to ride at night. Some heavy-duty, translucent, sea foam green pendant lights in the trees would go a long way. But that's me! I don't actually know what sound you might play at the top of MT's lift, anyway. There's not exactly an iconic monster sound you could automatically attach to this ride based on the theme, unlike Banshee's Banshee scream. Maybe someone's voice yelling "timber"? Maybe take a page out of BGW's book and have some magic-y, windy noises and a spirit's voice telling you to run? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure that having anything playing noise loudly on that side of the park would work anyway--weren't there supposedly some complaints about noise levels for Diamondback and Banshee when they both opened?
  7. Wow, I really love that picture. That's some really neat concept art. ^^ To be fair, we did kiiiiiiiinda get all the stuff in that picture--just not all in the same tunnel. The snakes and spiders are supposed to be in the first tunnel (although it's been years since the lights in there were actually functional), the lantern (I think) is right at the end of the tunnel before the lift, beside, the speared skeleton, the third tunnel is supposed to be lava with the red lights... Somewhere around here, there is a thread (I think by TombraiderTy?) that goes into detail about how Adventure Express was designed. I'll do some looking later to see if I can find it. EDIT: What Shaggy said.
  8. All that for $2.10, huh? (Just teasin'.)
  9. Yeah, that really is sharp. I'm actually looking at getting some new wall decorations, and I'm really strongly considering your Racer photo. It looks really nice!
  10. So since Greg Scheid teased the 2017 and 2018 additions at Tropical Plunge's announcement, it seems like something decently sized will hit the park next year. Seeing as how the addition of Mystic Timbers was (somewhat) uncharacteristically close to the addition of Banshee, I'm not betting on another big coaster--especially not a giga. I love Fury 325 and would die happy if there was something like it within a two-hour drive of my house, but I don't think that's reasonable to expect. Especially the year RIGHT after a coaster was added--this isn't Story and Burke's Six Flags, this is Ouimet's Cedar Fair. Remember that in 2015, Ouimet envisioned putting a Triotech dark ride at each Cedar Fair park "eventually" as part of the Amusement Dark project. In that particular article, he mentioned that no new dark rides would show up in 2016--the next one after Knott's Voyage to the Iron Reef would arrive in 2017 at the earliest. It's 2017, and there aren't any Cedar Fair dark rides opening this year... Which makes me wonder if 2018 will be the next time we see one. And, if so, I wonder if KI will be next. The "empty box" quote at the end of that article is still very interesting to me--that seems awfully specific, even though that seems extremely early to be hinting about a 2018 addition. (The article is from April 2015.) Like, I actually can't think of any other "empty boxes" at any other Cedar Fair parks I've been to besides our old Crypt building? But I also then think about Carowinds removing their log flume and wonder if they're actually next for a dark ride, assuming their Plants vs. Zombies ride isn't their Amusement Dark ride. (I wouldn't think so? Not if they're staying with the "world beneath our parks" theme mentioned in that particle. The Plants vs. Zombies ride definitely isn't that.) And if that's the case, I'm not sure what KI's possible 2018 addition(s) might be. Maybe some of those European/Asian flat rides that Cedar Fair had been looking for? I think most or all of the European ones have been spoken for at this point, but I don't ever remember hearing anything about what CF found in Asia. Maybe it could be that?
  11. I have been telling myself for about a year (maybe more) that I need to get back into NoLimits 2, master the coding for it, and actually make this (bkroz's) build-out plan in it. I keep procrastinating and procrastinating, mainly because coding isn't exactly a passion of mine and it's going to take a loooooooong time to do. Maybe I'll make this my big project for the 2017-2018 off-season...
  12. Thank you sincerely for all of your hard work since 2003. My life certainly wouldn't be the same if I hadn't experienced KIC, and I wouldn't have experienced KIC if you and Dane (and anyone else I'm unintentionally forgetting) hadn't put it here. Best of luck in life's next adventures!
  13. Was this actually that big of a rumor? Oh well--at any rate: I agree that an inversion wasn't likely. GCI has stated before that they'll do inversions if a park wants them, but based on what has been shown and/or leaked, there just wasn't any room in the layout for one. The biggest portion of the shed is basically confirmed at this point to contain That being said, there are several wooden AND steel coasters that do inversions with just lap bars--no overhead harnesses at all. Examples include Mind Bender and Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia, Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus, and many others.
  14. Fixed it for you.
  15. These posts made me laugh out loud. I'm a mechanical engineer, and I love studying personality types (especially Myers-Briggs.) I WISH my company's HR department took that into considered that after hiring people. When I've interviewed people, I tend to ask questions in a similar vein (not as abstract, but still open-ended--and the other, more practical-minded interviewers usually rib me for it.) But, that's me. (And according to MB, I'm the sort of person who'd typically be into that kind of stuff, coincidentally enough. ) I just really enjoyed your posts, that's all. Good luck, sir! You'll do great, I'm sure.