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  1. Looks like your start to the 2016 season was great!
  2. Indiana Beach ends the longest running Ski Show... Dear Indiana Beach Fans, It is true that you will no longer be able to watch the ski/dive show at Indiana Beach in 2017. The ski show is one of this park's longest standing traditions, so trust us when we say that this was not an easy decision. Fireworks are not going away. We are going back to the same schedule the Spackmans had when they owned the park – we will have three larger, more significant fireworks displays for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Our hope is to make these shows more special and meaningful. The rumor regarding the Shafer Queen going away is completely false. We will continue to host cruises along Lake Shafer on our classic river boat for free or for a nominal fee depending on the length of the cruise. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154515613512199&id=337613147198
  3. Might be fun to take the train over to SC for lunch/dinner?
  4. A new Instagram pic of MT. Sounds like trains will be on soon.
  5. New pic on kingsislandpr snapchat.
  6. One of the best first drops in the park. Visualy awesome. I still think the arrow trains look awesome. I would hate to see it go. I also think B&M has made such smooth coasters, it has made rougher ones built by hand using paper and pencil seem more rough that really has not changed that much. Not putting down anyone who does not like it. I just think smoother coasters make it seem worse.
  7. No idea why I had Hardee's on the brain. Lol. I fixed it.
  8. On 2/11/17 several KIC members meet up for day of off season fun in Dayton at the National Museum of the US Air Force, dinner at Olive Garden, and fun at Scene 75. electricsun and I arrived at the Air Force about 9:20 as our meetup was planned at 9:30. This place is huge! I will let some of the pics speak for themselves, I did not come close to even touching what there is to see in the pictures. Lots to look at besides planes, war information and data to read. electric sun in a space suit. myself in a space suit. A KIC meetup would not be the same without riding something. malem, Goble, pianoman, and MDMC01 all took a ride in a simulator. Group photo. Plane walk through! More planes! CHugh43 and Maginta Lizard MDMC01 and pianoman Two moderators in the same plane, Malem and myself... What trouble! myself and electricsun Here we are in the new building that you must see if you have not gone! This is also the FOF hanger. #wheresgoble There are several presidential plans as well. Afterward we looked at the planes outside where Beastie1980 was able to join us. We then headed to Olive Garden for a awesome meal before heading to Scene75. We then went to Scene 75 where we played cosmic mini golf, rode bumper cars, (looked like boats) Go carts, mini bowling, and ski ball. My phone did not like the black lights so some are blurry. We then did their bumper cars. Next up, go carts! Next we are waiting on a lane to open for mini bowling. Here is Beastie1980 and I. Everyone intensely playing ski ball. We then made our way to Wendy's to talk about our day and wind the evening down. A few in the carpool waiting on a light. We had an awesome time and hope you can make it to the next meetup at Carowinds. Meetup thread here: https://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32685-kic-meetup-32517-at-carowinds/
  9. I know, just me dreaming. We have two carousels.. I would be happy with a Tilt-A-Wirl as well.
  10. I would like to see another set of gliders in CM. Adult set and the PS set..
  11. On that subject, there is another Giga over another DA up north. I in particular like Millie flying over DA while in there. Maybe it is the enthusiast in me?
  12. Me neither, just the ones I asked to get.
  13. King Cobra was removed, what 1 year after it was freshly painted. Anything can happen.
  14. That is an awesome Racer poster.
  15. I have to give a lot of credit to Ryan and Dane for helping me come out of my shell and meeting new people here on KIC. I originally came to this site to learn about the construction of DB. I still remember being Terp'ed by the very first post I ever made on this site. (I think we all have at some point.) I honestly wondered if I made the right decision to join after that first post. When the 2009 season stated I remember going to a KIC meetup where I meet Ryan. He came over and spoke to me, he took the time to get to know me and the few people I was with. Ryan made me feel comfortable into the community. It was refreshing to feel so welcomed by him. Thank you Ryan for all your hard work over the years as the face of KIC. I have meet so many great people from this site. If not for KIC, I many not have meet my best friend or my girlfriend. KIC means a lot to us for different reason. Please know that you helped build something special and amazing, and your work here has literally changed lives. I know it has mine! Best of luck to you on your new ventures, and much success with your business!