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  1. I wish I could have been there, but sadly it didn't work out. Thanks for sharing such a detailed trip report!
  2. ^ The refills wouldn't be equivalent; a souvenir bottle holds more soft drink than a paper cup. Some might still prefer the bottle plans, such as if they don't want drinks linked to a particular pass or if they share a cup between family members. Keeping them separate products seems to make sense; guests can choose which works best for them.
  3. Winter Chill-Out attendees at Cedar Point are reporting that a drink plan without the cups was officially announced today. The cost is reportedly the same as the current all-season souvenir cup price ($26.99), though I'd expect increases as the season progresses. Note that there's no official word yet on KI's 2017 drink offers. I personally don't like soft drinks, but I'm half considering it for large cups of water, including from locations that don't stock complimentary (Kinzel) cups.
  4. Dane applied a minor update to the IPS forum software tonight, which might have fixed that issue. Let us know, Chris. Also, report here if anything broke with the upgrade.
  5. Being that it is a 5-minute ride, striking up a conversation is sometimes natural. Pretty sured I've never attempted to continue one in either tunnel, but my intuition says it would be harder in the helix tunnel. It seems louder, and it's also the most intense part of the ride. A Cash Coaster episode there could be funny.
  6. ^ The sooner you get to Nighthawk, the less chance you have of inadvertently riding something like Stinger at Dorney Park as your 100th. Not that I'd know anything about that.
  7. I split this out into a separate thread, so that it's easier to find than in the general 2017 Kings Island thread. The pictured construction is near Breakers Bay, in the area calakapepe circled in his post above.
  8. ^ With respect to new content, does the digest contain PMs, forum threads you follow, some other selection, or everything? I'll look into it when I get a chance. Is anyone else getting more e-mails than they want?
  9. Your hard work over the years and passion for Kings Island has been truly appreciated by us all. I can't thank you enough for helping build KIC as a place centered around mutual respect and friendship. It has become a special place for many. I'm still humbled to have been asked to help in a leadership role here. It has been a joy to work with a team of great people eager to make KIC even better. Thanks for your support and advice, and best of luck with your current projects!
  10. WDW has implemented their annual ticket price increase. It's worth noting that all tickets now have expiration dates, so purchasing far in advance (to hedge against future price increases) no longer works. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-bz-disney-world-ticket-prices-increase-20170210-story.html
  11. Shouldn't be a problem as long as I have a week or so notice of which day you want to visit Kennywood. Avoiding August 1 would be best. I'm definitely overdue for a return visit, having only visited once (in 2014). Knowing how much you enjoy Diamondback, I'll be curious to see how Phantom compares. (For me, Phantom is in a close race with Magnum as top hyper.) I generally agree about Dorney, but there's still charm in that park if you look for it. The entrance plaza and front half are very Dick Kinzel-esque.
  12. I visited for the first time last summer. The park really is a great value; an evening ride wristband & two rides on Leap the Dips cost around $20. As a bonus, if driving across Pennsylvania, you can save $30+ on tolls by detouring to the park and away from the PA Turnpike. I second Chris on Skyliner; it's some of the best airtime I've had on a coaster with a buzz bar as the only restraint. It didn't strike me as particularly rough; I marathoned it since crowds were very light. Their collection of (mostly portable) flat rides is worth checking out as well. I rode a Sky Diver for the first time, which exscream team made more thrilling (and a bit terrifying) by spinning the cage as fast as he could. If you're my height or taller, be aware that it's a really tight fit.
  13. We moved the site's hosting to Linode with the nginx web server, which should make things faster. If there are any problems, or if anything is slow, let me know. We have to decide by tonight (Wednesday) whether to revert to the old hosting provider for another month.
  14. Thanks for the heads up; it does appear that they were taken from a (manned, licensed) aircraft. Sorry about that.
  15. Aerial photos are allowed, yes. Several KIC members have contributed photos over the years from flights they've through the area. Drones are a more complex legal area. Operating them over the park, with 300' rides and active construction zones, would likely be considered trespassing. Park rules prohibit all unauthorized drone flights.