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  1. CP Food Blog has the details on the announcement: http://cpfoodblog.com/2017-cedar-point-season-pass-drink-program/ Notably, there is a 15-minute wait time between scans on the season pass program, as opposed to 5 minutes between scans with the bottle. I suppose this is necessary to limit abuse (one person with the plan getting drinks for the whole family).
  2. 7-1, in this case, refers to the first ROW of the 7th car, not to a specific seat. Enthusiasts usually refer to car-row numbers, or merely row numbers, when discussing coasters with 2 seats per row, and specify "left side" or "right side" in the rare case that it makes a difference. Only on coasters with 4 seats per row (e.g. Banshee) should you assume that a #-# designation is referring to row-seat.
  3. ^ How would that even work?!
  4. I think you underestimate 1) the sheer amount of space The Beast takes up (its second hill is right behind Action Theater, and the right-hand turn after that is behind Blue Racer's turnaround), and 2) how undulating the terrain is. See this screenshot, to which I have added indications of approximate elevation above mean sea level (screenshot and elevations both sourced from Google Earth). The terrain has such steep hills that it is mostly unusable.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to post this! In the 6+ years I've been on these forums, that may be the first good picture I've seen of Bavarian Beetle. Glad to see you back!
  6. My votes: "Bring in the wrecking ball now" and "Extremely painful". Flame me below.
  7. Most of them. Vortex is a bit of an odd one in that regard. Some of us love it and don't ever want to see it removed. And some of us would rejoice if Kings Island announced tomorrow that this was its final season. I personally fall into the latter category.
  8. I'm not receiving any unwanted emails here.
  9. The only rollbacks I've seen with riders were two trains right after a one-hour shutdown for rain. They were the fourth and fifth trains sent out with riders, IIRC, but it could happen to any of the first few. So try to be on one of the first few trains after a lengthy shutdown. This may require being in line before the ride shuts down and then waiting out the delay in the station, because from my experience, many people will wait out delays on TTD (much more so than other rides) because of the hopes of getting a rollback.
  10. Okay, so I admit that I did not follow the speculation leading up to the announcement very well, and I've done an even worse job of following the construction progress. Is it wrong to be as active as I am on this site and still not be addicted to the park? Anyway, I digress. The point is that these photos are the first time that I have truly gotten a good understanding of exactly how Mystic Timbers is laid out and how it fits in with the surrounding area. I did not realize how close the back end of it comes to the train tracks and train storage shed. To borrow a phrase from silver2005, good googly moogly. The train ride will never be the same again.
  11. I just checked. The video does not autoplay in Firefox for Android.
  12. This is my plan for the 2017 season. I've essentially given up on KI's food service. I didn't get the dining plan because of the terrible food service I experienced in 2015 and heard reports about in 2016, so between the service and the ridiculously high prices, I intend to go elsewhere for my meals this season.
  13. It was Halloween Haunt "entertainment" for two years (I think 2011 and 2012, but I might be off by one year). They had a WWE-style ring set up in the center of the Festhaus with four "shows" every night by the Half Pint Brawlers group. I made a point of staying away; when my group chose to watch one of the shows, I chose to leave them and go off on my own for half an hour and meet back up with them afterward.
  14. I'm not sure why you can't see the pictures. That's really strange...
  15. Pretty much what others have said. As a single rider, nobody really cares, there's far more of you than you think, and you have the complete freedom to do what you want when you want without having to negotiate it with the rest of your group. If I have one regret from the past few seasons at Kings Island, it's that on almost every visit I've made, I've spent almost the entire day with other KIC members, or with my mom (we go together once every couple of years, and she doesn't ride much). I miss the first couple of years I regularly went to KI (2010 and 2011), back when I mostly went alone and had that freedom to dictate the day myself. This season, I intend to make at least one visit where I purposely don't meet up with anyone and spend the entire day as a single rider. I want to feel that freedom again.