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  1. I have never seen that commercial; thanks for sharing Rivertown Rider Also, what happened to the water coasters they mentioned? Was that just advertising or were those originally in the plans and just didn't materialize?
  2. I watched the Basilisk video and thought it had a cool layout, however, I see two issues: 1. It seems to lose steam with that cool turnaround near the front gate- maybe rein in the length or maybe build it higher so it goes faster? 2. It crosses over The Bat. I love The Bat and I think that messes with the tranquility of the area. Other than those 2 things, bring it on*! * I don't know that KI needs a Giga, but it is a hole in our lineup and I'd welcome it to the park (and it would be cool in the Wild Animal Habitat/unused SOB area)!
  3. Double-post (sorta...) While driving to work, I saw Drop Tower's lift has gone down (I believe it usually is up during the offseason)... this either means they are putting it back together and/or testing! 51 days ya'll!
  4. I have a crazy idea... maybe it could be a Disk'o Coaster (like Surf Dog), but have a splash at the end... -MDMC, just making a wild guess...
  5. I would like to see this as well, just to see how MT will fit in on the map.
  6. Looks to me like a rebranding of the water park (new logo?) or a bowl slide maybe (because that pulled back part of the post shows part of a circle).
  7. Good to know, TombRaiderTy; I remember seeing advertisements for the Wild Thornberry's Walkthrough, but I don't remember ever going through it.
  8. Stinger wasn't open when I went! But, I see your point. If I did that, Ricochet might have to be #98 then?
  9. Thanks for sharing that mid-1990's video Shaggy. I remember that climbing maze in Green Slime Zone from when I was a kid. Thanks to the video, I now know where it was in the park (I knew it was in the kids area(s), I just didn't know where exactly). I also remember going one day and it was gone. Anyone on here (someone probably does ) know when it left the park?
  10. Great PTR; I had a blast! Unfortunately, I probably won't be joining in at Carowinds as I'd like to ride Mystic Timbers before standing up to Vortex and soaring the skies on Nighthawk (my 100th coaster!); say hi to Nighthawk for me!
  11. As for this mystery project, I'm going to guess a Wintefest light show near front gate (at that entrance where Don and the Entertainment people were standing) or maybe a house for fireworks (like a "Santa's Sleigh" projection).
  12. That was a beautiful post, BoddaH; I'll miss you but I do hope you come to the park and hang out with us sometime. Good luck in your personal endeavors and thanks for being a leader in making this site a great place to be. And I agree that Malem and IndyGuy are doing a fantastic job running things.
  13. Oh. My. Gosh. This is awesome. When does it start? If it's really awesome, I hope it lasts more than 1 season like "The Boyz are Back". I'm super pumped!
  14. Good luck on the project; sounds cool! As I've stated before on the forums, I think that Don (and the other marketing peeps at KI) took what they learned from Banshee and took it to the next level using Snapchat, Twitter and in-park diversions such as the removal of the funnel cake stand and that vine tunnel that they said was for "nostalgia", but was really for construction (and we'll really find out how the vines tie into the theming in about 64 days...). Again, good luck sir and thanks for keeping us in the loop, so to speak!
  15. Might have to pop in after work on Friday to catch this! I really want to see Finding Dory, so this would be a perfect opportunity!