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  1. Sounds (and looks) like you had a good time! Disney is an awesome place to visit and one of my favorite vacation spots. Glad you got to check out Expedition Everest. That ride is amazing and how about that theming in the queue? It feels just like you're in the Himalayas and that realistic-looking yeti museum starts to make you question whether or not it's actually real, or just something put together for a theme park. Looking through your pics, it looks like you got to check out some other amazing rides/attractions. Glad you got to experience all the magic that is Walt Disney World! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  2. It would be cool if they could add a Christmas theme sort of like how Disney changes the Haunted Mansion over to a Nightmare Before Christmas attraction. I know we'd never get anything this elaborate, and I wouldn't expect an entire re-theme of Boo Blasters, but it would be cool if they hung some basic decorations around the manor/mansion and, like someone else mentioned, put Santa hats on the characters. Heck, it would even be cool if they could change up the music to some instrumental holiday music. I'm not really looking for any of this to happen, it's just fun to speculate. I just think Boo Blasters could be an interesting holiday attraction with very little effort or investment.
  3. Movierail? What????
  4. I'm not saying that I didn't love the ride, in fact, I was so blown away by it when I first rode it, that I kept wanting to ride it over and over again. I was just saying that this concept art made it look like the ride was completely indoors. In fact, it kind of reminds me of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I do wish, though, that they'd revamp AE a little and bring it back to it's original glory. It's such a shell of what it used to be, that it's sorta sad.
  5. ^Yep, that's it! I remember staring at this image and imagining what the ride would be like once I finally got to ride it. Gosh, this picture doesn't at all represent the ride we actually ended up with lol.
  6. Yes, Scooby Doo was a downgrade from Phantom Theater as its approach was to minimize the theming and make it simpler (and cheaper?) to maintain. However, even though Scooby Doo and Boo Blasters are almost identical, Boo Blasters comes across as way worse because of it's total lack of a recognizable theme, and a story/plot that is almost non-existent. Even though the props and theming within Scooby Doo was simpler, at least it had some appeal with it's recognizable characters and story. I think this helped to create some kind of connection between the ride and the rider. In my opinion, there is no connection that exists today. Everything is so scaled back and "generic" that, for me anyway, there is nothing that excites me or appeals to me about riding the ride except the fact that it's KI's only dark ride. That's it. Here's hoping something is done to improve that space very, VERY soon.
  7. I would say Mystic Timbers, hands down
  8. ^ Ha, thanks! I've been a Scooby Doo fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching the cartoon and still love him today. He's one of those classic characters that never get old!
  9. I loved, loved, loved the puppet tree! When I was a kid, one thing I looked forward to every season was the new puppet show in the puppet tree. Each season they would have new puppet characters and a new set of songs those characters would sings and dance to. I would always have one character and song that was my favorite every year. I absolutely hated to see the puppet tree get torn out. I'm glad there are still pictures and videos that exist online.
  10. 1. What is the best day ever at Kings Island that you have ever had? I've had many "Best Days" at Kings Island because I've been visiting every season since I was about 1 or 2. However, some visits do stand out in my mind. Those visits were the ones were I tackled different roller coasters for the first time. I'll never forget the day I finally got up the courage to ride The Beast, and the day I was able to ride The Vortex - my first looping coaster. Another day that stands out to me was one particular visit when I went with one of my friends from school. It had been raining on and off that day, so crowds were pretty much non existent. We were able to marathon Adventure Express. I just remember getting off, then running around and getting back in line. We did this over and over and over again. Good times! 2. What is your favorite Kings Island flat-ride? (Past or Present!) I don't really do flat rides since I tend to get motion sickness if I spin too much. However, I do enjoy the dodgems and I loved the antique cars. 3. Have you ever heard one of your favorite songs playing at Kings Island? If so then what song? The 1998 season, they played "The Way" by Fastball just about every time I visited. My friend and I would even hear it on the radio on our way to the park. It got to be our theme song for visiting KI that year. 4. Should Kings Island make The Racer go backwards again? Absolutely! 5. What's the worst part of the off-season? Looking forward to riding the new ride 6. What do you think is in the shed? #WhatsInsideTheShed: I have no idea. My hopes is that it's some kind of cool animatronic creature (tree creature maybe?) or display or some sort. Maybe a small dark ride scene similar to what we have in the last tunnel on Adventure Express. Some kind of unique element that would make you want to ride it again just to experience that final part.
  11. I've got a question: Back before KI opened for it's 1991 season, they mailed out some flyers advertising that new season. Within the flyer there was an advertisement for their new ride Adventure Express, complete with concept artwork. Just curious, by chance, would you happen to have this flyer or know what I'm talking about? I just remember, as a 10 year old boy, looking through this at my dad's house and getting excited to ride the new ride. Thanks!
  12. I think it really depends on the company. If it is a design-oriented company, then higher ups should know which designs follow good design principles. However, some companies are just normal companies that higher artists/graphic designers to perform a few tasks when needed. Such is my case. The company I work for is not a design company, so the management team are not artists and they have not been to school for design, so they think "good design" is whatever they think looks good - which is not always the case. I've been hired at my job because I've been educated and trained in a particular field, which is design. My boss hired me because of my experience with design, however, there are always those bosses out there that think they know more than their employees. There have been many times that I have tried to explain why his particular choices or direction on a design project was not necessarily a good one. His response? "Do what I told you to do, or I'll do it myself. Then I won't need you here." True story. I'm wondering how many of these corporations who resort to these "simpler" logos were a result of a management team that thought they knew better than the educated, trained, graphic designers who they had hired to perform this task. There have been some logos and designs I've seen before that were so bad that I questioned how any capable designer could've created such a mess, then I think back to my experiences and wonder if it was just a result of a crappy manager telling their employee to "Do what I tell you, or else!"
  13. I work in graphic design creating advertisements and e-mail campaigns for a local business. I know a lot of the trouble I run into is the complete lack of comprehension of what good design is or what it looks like. I can create 20 different graphics where I've wracked my brain and tried to push the design creatively, only to get feedback from my boss saying, "I don't like any of these." Usually what they end up picking is something simple and generic and it makes me question why I spend so much time trying to be creative. In instances like this, it's possible that the "higher ups" just have no vision for good design or creativity, and that leaves their trained graphic artists to produce generic looking stuff like this. I can tell you from experience, this is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on the job and it makes you want to bash your head into your desk, get up, and walk out of that office forever. For the graphic designers in those scenarios, I truly sympathize.
  14. 1. I have a couple: Being pushed around Winterfest in a stroller and riding the original Enchanted Voyage in Hanna-Barbera Land. 2. Has to be Adventure Express. This was one of my first "bigger" coasters when I was a kid, so it has some sentimental meaning to me. 3. I always liked River Town. 4. Phantom Theater 5. Mystic Timbers and Winterfest!
  15. I have memories of going to the park when I was very young, probably around 2 or 3. I've had a season pass every year except for 2 seasons, but managed to visit those years anyway. I'd say I've visited Kings Island at least 30 different seasons. Probably closer to 33 seasons, but can't quite remember before a certain age.