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  1. Do you think there will be lights integrated into the train's headlights'? Highly unlikely if they were on the whole course of the ride with KI's awesome night ride track record. It would be cool if they were lit in the station and turned off right before the first drop and turned them back on again as the train approaches the shed.
  2. We need a green coaster
  3. http://www.garnerholt.com/ghp-inc/projects.aspx Check them out^ This is the same company that themes the animation for parks like Disney, Knotts, and many other theme parks. It would be awesome to see some Garner Holt work done on MT, let alone other parts of the park.
  4. ^I'm wondering if that's a state regulation. Down in Florida the WDWRR engineers would climb up onto the tender and fill it with water, similar to what our engineers do now. However, Florida law started that anyone standing on an elevation higher than 8 feet would have to wear safety equipment. They found a way around the law and just climb around the tender and fill it up using hand rails as opposed to climbing over it. I wonder if that law applies in Ohio now as well. Maybe there might be some steps installed to the water tower so make for quick and easy access. Either that or its to hold up some vines #theming
  5. ^I hope it's old school commercial but I don't think that'll ever happen
  6. @DonKIPR Are there any plans to plant trees in some of the bare areas of the construction site following Mystic Timbers' completion?
  7. This is a thread where people can share and discuss old or current KI advertisements from commercials to posters and everything in between. I miss old advertisements like these. I honestly think park marketing was way better years ago.
  8. Do you think Carowinds will keep the title for tallest giga in the world?
  9. I was referring to just the TIMBER yell before the ride drops
  10. @TombRaiderFTW I think you'll love the audio on this ride. And yes this is actual audio just enhanced for video quality TIMBER
  11. I'd love to listen to this type of audio while I'm waiting in the que line or when the coaster enters the shed. Blowing wind, saw mills, owl hoots, crickets, bliss.
  12. Here's a question I don't think anyone's asked yet. Will there be props layed out or maybe sound effects played throughout the course of the ride similar to when Italian Job first came out? It would be awesome if MT had a first drop sound just like Banshee
  13. I've never seen a duck in the lake whenever the train would pass by it. I guess the Fabio scenario doesn't "fit the bill" for Kings Island
  14. Is there a way to keep steel coasters alive? I know RMC has started to do some track work on steel coasters if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Probably has something to do with the shed and the theming. I bet that any part of the station that isn't open is going to be covered in vines.