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  1. YEa the most I woudl expect to see woudl be some strands of garland and santa hats on some, but htink ti would help and be cool for the holiday season. Would be really nice if they did have some instrumental holiday music playing, especailly if found some tracks that were tweaked to a minor chord to make them more eerie for it.
  2. I'm thinking maybe they mean a comparison to Disney in that it will have a variety of things and be almsot like a city unto itself that caters to tourists and visitors. They talk about an amusement park, water park, shopping areas, resorts/hotels, animal habitats/zoo type park, as well as residential and commercial property. So I don't think they mean a direct comparison to Disney in being a mjor multi park tourist spot (at least to mean sounds very little like a direct cmparison or copy of WDW) but in that it will have a wide variety of things. Liek WDW has it's theme parks with Animal Kingdom being an animal habitat type place and not jsut a standard park, shopping district, water parks, entertainment centers, resorts, etc. Plus they do have some residential areas around it, mostly for staff though. So in the sense of offerings it would be favorable to compare in that sense, but will liekly not hold a candle as far as parks themselves go to Disney.
  3. Don't want to see AE go, but love to see a Taron style ride somewhere. Think back by Beast and Diamondback through the woods coudl be great, or even out past The Racer using the old Action Theatre as the station area. Think a giga woudl work best on the far side of teh park, either the remaining SOB area or by X-Base/DA for skyline purposes. Agree putting it right off the front would throw the skyline a bit but be happy to have it anywhere. But yea to put it up there they'd have to remove Congo Falls, Inveritgo, and Timberwolf and don't see them all leaving anytime soon.
  4. As long as MT doens't cross over that spot directly they will probably stay as is.
  5. The saw noise would work well I think. Woudl fit the lumber mill theme. Do liek the idea of the lights in the trees. Think would be great to have them spread throughout the course of the track a bit. maybe not the entire length but different spots throughout the woods.
  6. Schools are probably more likely to do the Math and Science Days (if they still do them) as can get more educational value out of it. Whereas Winterfest is much more limited on offerings and what they could give the schools. Plus smaller space to spread out large groups of students. Could get a bit crowded on Math and Science Days with the whole park open.
  7. Always thought it woudl be great to get a small selection of classic flats in that area, like a Tilt-a-Whirl. would be a great addition for International Showcase alongside the Carousel. Think an Enterprise would be a great addition on Flight Commanders old pad, coudl probably get an awesome lighting package like SR&R. Would love to see some flats added in general. Be nice to get something added into Rivertown since they dont' have any flats. An Enterprise themed to a saw coudl work well there, or a Top Scan. A good Eurofighter built in or around Crypt's building themed to a mine woudl be great too (if they keep the building). Hope they at least keep teh cave for a good queue themed around a mine. As far as ortex goes, a refurb of the sign makes it unliekly to be removed soon but it is just a sign. And could be used for a new ride utilizing the same name and/or location. Persoanlly woudl hate to see it go as it still holds up well and plenty of other areas for expansion anyway.
  8. I would anticipate a spring/summer 2018 opening as well just to better stagger their openings for new attractions. They have confirmed Avatar for the start of this summer and Star Wars for 2019, so this would give them something for next year in between these two. If it opened the end of this year or early 2019 that would mean no major new additions for 2018. And given teh work completed so far and the theming for it I don't see them needing to extended to 2019 for opening.
  9. As long as it isn't hurting them. It might not get used a lot but Spirit Song brings in a ton of people each year. And right now they have lots of other areas for expansion without touching it. Some we might not even realize. (Who here really imagined a coaster going in where MT is now?) So while not used much there is no reason on their end to remove it yet. Years from now if they would actually need that land for an attraction or something, likely a coaster, that would generate a lot of interest from the general public then they would look at tearing it down. But right now they don't need to so likely won't.
  10. Yes it is the 46th season but it is the 45th Anniversary, and the anniversaries are what most things focus on.
  11. I think you could possibly fit it into X-Base without affecting the maintenence shops. If you go to the left when walkign into X-Base, next to FoF there is an open space there with enough room to run a path between Racer and FoF building to reach it. Always thought it would be a good spot for a flat or two and possibly restrooms for the area. Maybe even a quick service food spot. But you could probably fit a station for a giga there and the queue then have the lift and return run between FoF building and AE.
  12. I honestly don't see either of them being interested. Disney has a plethora of characters to use from their film library, old and new. And Comcast/Universal now owns Illumination and Dreamworks which gives them plenty of characters to use as well. Neither of them need Peanuts, and I doubt they view Peanuts as competition to their own characters.
  13. I agree with some other that the best area would be the remaining footprint left from SOB. Could reuse the station and run it out back behind Banshee. However I think using space running behind Racer/X-Base would be good too, plus having the station towards the south end of Coney Mall would help break up crowds and major attractions better. Putting it in AZ next to Banshee would have the two major coaster installations right next to each other in an area that already bottlenecks and gets crowded. DB and MT at least has a more open walkway are and both sit off the main path a little bit. This would spread major attractions out a little bit more in general too. Woud have Banshee in the north end at AZ, a giga in the southeast corner of the park, Beast on the south end, and DB and MT on the western part of the park.
  14. I feel the same way. I think they would want to promote it to help drive season pass sales. Not saying it can't happen but a major "new" coaster would be a big thing to drive ticket and season pass sales. So if they wait until sometime into the season to announce and open it that will hurt season pass sales at the least.
  15. I'm hoping to make it to Six Flags Great America in conjunction with a Chicago trip this summer. And Dollywood this winter around November/December. Definitely looking forward to riding MT at KI this summer as well.