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  1. Love the Facebook page and everything you have posted, Shaggy. TombraiderTY. nice posting of the concept art. I too, remember when Adventure Express opened. Twas a great ride with all of the theming, lights. fog, etc. Now, it's a great mid coaster with minimal theming.
  2. Completely agree with all of this right here. You should seek to be a designer or architect. Seriously
  3. Which is why I said it's my opinion. Pays to read
  4. By the picture they are using, I am guessing that Intamin will be building a new ride for CGA or one that is an Intamin is being relocated. I don't think it will be another manufacturer, but that's my opinion.
  5. The sign looks great! I love The Vortex and it was so awesome getting to ride it with my son for his first time last season.
  6. I would rather see something that pops than something that looks like traced letters
  7. Coaster pulls in station... "Riders, how was your ride?" Riders whisper "Yay!!!"
  8. Yes, that is what I was meaning. I do however, like the flying coasters as well, although I have never been on a B&M Flyer.
  9. I think a flyer is a good possibility, unless something new and unique comes along like the Wing Rider
  10. That is what I was getting at Shark. Yes, potential is there, but nothing is guaranteed to be around for decades. I look at some parks that have closed or been abandoned and I'm sure at one point, they thought the same thing.
  11. You can't really even say for decades to come. If interest is lost, they won't be around for decades to come even.
  12. In regards to shows like Cirque, they may be booked and making millions now, but you cannot predict when the interest will decrease enough for them to shut down. Ringling Bros. ran for 146 years and I'm sure they never imagined that they would be shutting down. You just plain never know. That really goes for any kind of entertainment.
  13. Oh, that was really funny KDD. You are correct sir
  14. The COULD open Mean Streak in 2017, but I'm betting 2018 for the simple fact that it will be the MAJOR announcement and focus for marketing next year. Their big push for this season is water park/hotel improvements.
  15. When I receive my tax return, I am purchasing Platinum Passes. The plan is one trip to Cedar Point to introduce my son to that park. At least two trips to Kings Island...one trip will be for two days so he can experience the water park on the second day, more night rides on The Beast, and of course, Mystic Timbers.