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  1. A Christmas Carol was one story written in the tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. It isn't the only one; it isn't even the only one written by Dickens.
  2. They might only be giving first rider shirts to people taking part in the first rider auction. Does anyone know what Cedar Point did with t-shirts and their first rider auction? edit: heh, simul-post with Chris
  3. For visual reference: The track presumably now comes through the area on the far side of the fence from the change machine in that pic. As I took it, the tubes to shoot at WWC were to the left and behind me. I think they will be preserved.
  4. ^unfortunately it seems to have been cancelled. At least there weren't any new episodes last fall. It sucks, because I really enjoyed that show.
  5. ^ I may not be the best judge of scariness, because none of them scare me (every once in awhile one might give me a jump scare), but... I would suggest either Board to Death or Carnevil. Both have some classic funhouse elements to them. Honestly, I think for various reasons, and depending on the person, Blackout could be one of the worst mazes to begin with.
  6. From the first time I rode it in 1989 (and it drove my earring posts into my head) until a couple seasons ago, I was very much in the "tear it down!" camp. When I was still a young teen it always made me so angry to hear people play it up as the one to ride to show how brave you were. Beast was so much better! Then I had a friend (NoChickens) who I often ran into at the park around Vortex, and he wanted to ride it. I had heard about 5-1 previously, and rode that but wasn't impressed. NoChickens introduced me to 7-1, and I realized I could ride with very few punches to the jaw. As I learned to avoid the restraint in the spots it still hit me, I also learned to really appreciate the ride. I even ride it alone most visits now. I've been told that steel coasters have a lifespan, and have accepted that eventually Vortex will have to go regardless. But I'm hoping it is awhile before that happens. There is something beautiful about that turn before the first drop, when the entire park comes into view. I particularly love to ride at sunset for that reason. And that first drop is among the best moments in the park!
  7. There are a couple panning shots of the ride on Snapchat right now.
  8. Amazing work! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  9. ^^ welcome back! You sure know how to make a comeback! Those are great pics
  10. I'm not sure one new option makes up for two others being removed, but we'll see if that's for sure or not. I asked on twitter if Red's and RPW were really being removed and after a week they gave me the non-answer that full details would be coming... not the resounding denial I hoped for.
  11. Oh, my memory is total crap, make no mistake. I was just saying that since I don't really have any memories before '81, and Shaggy's pics went back to '81, maybe this house I remembered would be in his pics somewhere. I certainly would make no claim as to what year specifically my memory of the Fool House came from: my brain just doesn't work that way. Unless there was a major difference in my life at the time (like my earliest memories that mainly center around being in the hospital for open heart surgery at 4 1/2 years old) they all kind of run together into a hazy ball. I barely have been able to find the name of the place on previous web searches, so your added background info (along with the actual pic upthread) are extremely valuable to me.
  12. ^I know I will make a point to ride it more often.
  13. I would assume Home for the Holidays is the name of a show at Winterfest. I can't imagine what would need to be built this early for Winterfest, though. Definitely curious.
  14. ^I love you! I didn't remember the cards had Hanna Barbera characters dressed as the royalty on face cards! Even cooler than I thought! OMG if only I could find one of those in an antique store somewhere....
  15. I seem to remember a turning barrel room (like the one they have in Carnevil now) and possibly a shaky floor were also in there. It was very exciting for a five-or-so-year-old, what can I say? I loved the life-size toy barn and animals, too, since I had that toy. Still do, come to think of it! I don't remember the puppet tree at all, but I might if I saw it again.