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  1. In the past, 7 day operations has started the Friday before the full week of Education Days. Based on their release Education Days schedule, 7 day ops would begin May 12th.
  2. When you have to make an unexpected drive to Cinci for work and your co-workers ask if you are going to stop by KI on the way back. Nope...park's closed. The moose should have told you.
  3. I believe 14-15 as a guest...and an additional 4-5 for my job.
  4. The biggest challenge with all the rides is that it is truly dependent on how the weight is distributed around your body. I've seen people leave all rides at a certain size whereas another person about the size could ride. My personal experience won't help because I'm a bit shorter (5'2") and my weight distribution (challenge areas for rides) is mostly my chest, hips and thighs. Congrats on starting the process...it's not easy to do but it's worth it! Regardless of what you are able to ride, I hope you have a great visit! There is lots of fun to be had even if you don't ride much. Good luck!
  5. You can enter the observatory for the first level in one visit that lasts 25-45 minutes (depending on your group or crowds). For the next level, there is no way to complete it in one visit. It took most groups multiple visits and hours spent in the exhibit and hours working on it at home. What I saw lots of folks do is come in and work on one part for as long as they could, take pictures and then work on it at home before their next visit. There are several parts that have to be done in the exhibit. However, decoding the first language can be done by taking pictures and working through it at home. Then you can come back and finish that area and move on to the next. If you want to work on that next level, bring a flashlight, digital camera, notebook and pencil/pen.
  6. It really depends on the child. When I was a part-timer in there, I saw about 50/50 children that loved it and hated it. My oldest nephew would freak out every time I tried to take him through. The exhibit area is much darker than the rest of the building. Lights flicker and there are random ambient noises that can startle if not expected. The cavern area tends to be the hardest area for little kids - it's the loudest area with slamming doors. Before younger kids went in, I would tell them that they are going on a treasure hunt but it's a bit darker in there. The lights will never go off completely and you may walk by something that will make a noise...but it's only a noise, there is nothing there. You even get to wake up these large silly statues who sing songs for you! Honestly, you know your child best. If little shark can handle the dimness of Boo Blasters, Adventure should (in theory) be fine. I hope that helps!
  7. I was there last Saturday and the forecast had scared everyone away. Only 3 brief pop-up showers and lines were near walk-on. Our longest wait was 30 minutes for FOF around 4pm. Can't say the same will happen tmw but if the forecast calls for showers, it typically does impact attendance. Good luck!
  8. Sorry-just saw this. Was at the park with one of best friends so didn't pull my phone out often. We arrived just before 1p and the crowds and lines were light all day. There were 3 pop up showers that lasted for 5-10 mins max. No lightening so everything stayed running. The only rides we saw down were Surf Dog and FAAC around 8pm and WindSeeker in the afternoon (it was really windy at one point).
  9. Wait times are very short today. I think the threat of storms have kept people at bay.
  10. Congratulations on overcoming Diamondback! I know its height can be terrifying for some and exhilarating for others. Sometimes even both on a first ride! I'm glad it worked out and you had such a great experience on it.
  11. In addition to the other tips, I have one to help as you said she has a larger chest. Sorry to be so blunt about this, but hard to say this appropriately. For the rides with the over the shoulder harnesses, tell her to adjust her chest to go mostly between the open area in the middle. It will help immensely in getting the OTS to latch properly and make her feel more secure. Good luck!
  12. That makes me happy to have an extra week to get to see it. My July has been crazy and I haven't had a chance to return to KI since the end of June. I want to see the show at least two more times!
  13. Thanks jcgoble3 - I always forget that one.
  14. The biggest consideration is where you carry your weight. If it is evenly distributed, you may be fine for most rides. Also, us women (even if same height/weight as me ) often will fit in seats differently because of our lovely chests and hips. If you have a larger thighs/hips/butt some of the rides are going to be a tight fit. The Beast, Racer and Diamondback may be a concern. If you have a larger upper body, Drop Tower will be a tight squeeze. If your chest circumference is larger than 42-44 inches, you may not be able to secure the harness. But! Pro tip from experience, (pardon the description) if you adjust your chest to go in the open area in the middle of the OTS, you'll have a better chance of fitting. Then you can have the ride op push as that can help some people fit. If I'm remembering correctly, Delirium and Diamondback have test seats. Also, others have posted that they've been able to go up the exit and ask a ride op if they can test a seat. Maybe that could be an option? The biggest thing to share to help the worry is that I've seen much larger guests than myself riding rides. It appears that it truly depends on how your weight is is distributed and the harnesses for the individual rides. I hope that helps!
  15. Most Ohio schools return to school in mid to late August.