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  1. Yeah, Don was asked about it like a month ago I think when a news station was out there covering Mystic Timbers, he said sort of the same thing, that we'll have to ride it during the daytime and nighttime to tell a difference about what's in the shed. Some kind of lighting effects, or is it something that shows up like glowing on the train car's at night that doesn't show up during the daytime. Maybe have some vines painted on the train car's glowing in the dark? Hmmm Going to watch the podcast now!
  2. New pic of Island Smokehouse from Chef Nathan @KICHEFNATE Twitter.
  3. Hours have just been added to WinterFest 2017. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/hours-directions/winterfest
  4. Yeah, this just shows how much preparation has to go into a big event like this!
  5. Looks like something new came in the mail today at Kings Island for WinterFest 2017. Photo from ki_entertainment on Instagram. Can't wait to see what they have in store!
  6. I wonder what they having planned for out by the KI Drive sign?
  7. I can't find where it is in the park either, looking at the webcams and Google Earth. They've done a lot of off season work that's for sure!
  8. You've done a wonderful job here at KICentral, helping make the site what it is today! Good luck with your personal business and all the things you want to do! You're always welcome here friend!
  9. This is a question Don is asked about the future of KI during a Banshee update in Feb 2014. Its a good interview about Banshee so I'd watch the whole thing, if you don't then the question is at the 5:10 mark.
  10. Here's some new pictures of the smoke house restaurant under construction in Soak City! Work is coming along!
  11. I don't know where its at, but it looks like its going over WWC.
  12. Its just 'ok' to me, the old one was better. If KI was to update theirs with a new colored background, would gold look good for a new color? Or stay with what we have?
  13. I haven't seen it either, maybe he was mistaken by the WinterFest 2017 events, that's completely different from the regular entertainment line-up for this year.
  14. Wonderful pictures and history!! I'l definitely be keeping up on this KI Facebook page!
  15. Don just posted this on his Twitter account!